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62. Reading Skills Comprehension -Mystery of Shining Stones

The mystery of Shining Stones

Read the following passage carefully :                                   

1. A bus was wheeling away towards its destination. It was I I O’clock at night. Modern Public School had arranged a school tour to Nainital for class 8th students. Four teachers were also accompanying them.
2. Children were very happy. Nobody was feeling sleepy even at midnight.
3. They were enjoying themselves joking and singing songs.
4. Suddenly, the bus started shaking badly. The driver somehow took control of the bus and halted into the side of the road. Then he got down to check the engine.
5. “What happened, driver?” Mohit asked.
6. “The engine has developed some snag,” the driver answered. He checked but could not get any clue about the snag.
7.“We will have to send a helper to Bareilly to call a mechanic. It will take a long time,” the driver said.
8. He stopped a bus coming from the opposite direction and giving his helper some instruction told him to bring a mechanic.
9. It was pitch dark all around. Even children’s faces hung along with those of the teachers. They all sat quietly on the bus for some time.
1 0. “Oh look! What is there at the banks of the lake? How strangely are those shining stones jumping?” looking out of the window Ravi said.
1 1. “Yes, they are,” all looked towards the lake.
12. They actually could see shining stones jumping and dancing.
I 3. “How strange is this?” Bipin Sir, the Science teacher wondered.
14. “Probably sir, it is some ghost working. Neither do stones shine this way nor they dance like this,” the frightened driver said.
15. The children got scared at hearing him.
16. “Shut up, you are a fool. Who believes in ghosts?” We must find out this secret,” Aalok Sir, who taught Biology, said and started getting down from the bus.
1 7. The driver wanted to stop him but with the fear of’ getting shouted at, he did not.
18. Seeing the teacher getting down from the bus, others too were encouraged. 25
19. The four teachers and some courageous children got down and walked towards the lake. They carried two torches.
20. In the light of the torch, when they reached the banks of the lake, they were taken aback. What they were thinking to be stones were actually frogs that were jumping.
2 1. “But how are these frogs shining?” Bipin Sir wondered.
22. “1 will tell you. These frogs have swallowed glowworms,” the Biology teacher explained.
23. ‘Actually the membrane of their stomach is transparent. That is why they are shining.
24. Children were listening carefully to their teachers. They were surprised by hearing the fact.
25. If their teachers had not investigated, no one would have known the secret of the shining stones.

Type I (Sentence Completion)

1. Complete the following sentences appropriately:

I . Although it was midnight, children on the bus were not feeling sleepy because…………….
2. The helper was sent to Bareilly so that he could …………………………
3. The children’s and teachers’ faces hung in disappointment because …………………………
4. The jumping stones were actually ………………………..

                   Type II (Very Short Answer Type Questions)

2. Answer the following questions briefly:

1. On its way to its destination, the bus started shaking badly. What was the reason for it?
2. What startling discovery did Ravi make?
3. How can you say that the driver of the bus was superstitious?
4. The driver did not stop Aalok Sir for the fear of getting shouted at. Who would shout at him and why?
5. How did the teacher explain to the students the mystery of jumping stones P

3. Find words from the passage which mean the same as:-
1 . problem/fault (Para 1-1o)
2. silent and still (Para 8-13)

1 1.  
1 1. they were excited about their tour                             

2. bring a mechanic
3. the bus had developed some snag                                  

4. the frogs who had swallowed glowworms
1 1.
2 1. Its engine had developed some technical snag.
2. He saw some shining stones jumping near the lake.
3. He said that some ghosts could be there.
4. Aalok Sir would shout at him for his superstitious thoughts.
5. The teacher said that the frogs had swallowed some glowworms and the remembrance of their stomach was transparent. So they were shining.
3 1. snag,             2. quiet

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