Who Wrote Long Walk to Freedom

By | April 11, 2023
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Who Wrote Long Walk to Freedom

What is Long Walk to Freedom About


What is Long Walk to Freedom class 10?

“A Long Walk to Freedom” is a book written by Nelson Mandela that recounts his life story from childhood to his eventual release from prison in 1990, after serving 27 years. As summary and some teachings from his life a part of it is also prescribed in class 10 CBSE.
This chapter covers the early years of his life and his thinking at that time. When he grew his thinking changed a little about the rules and regulations. He started understanding his responsibilities towards his family and his society. The chapter A Long Walk to freedom is also about his fight against apartheid, and the steps taken on the long road to freedom for South Africa.

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A long Walk to Freedom Class 10 also tells us about sufferings and resilience of a number of freedom fighters. It is also about courage and determination of freedom Fighters. Nelson Mandela mentions a few names also in the chapter-  

  1. Yusuf Dadoo
  2. Bram Fischer
  3. Oliver Tambo
  4. Walter Sisulu
  5. Chief Luthuli
  6. Robert Sobukwe

Basically A Long walk to Freedom is an autobiographical journey of Nelson Mandela’s life. This chapter is about his years as a political leader, and finally to his rise to power as the first democratically elected President of South Africa. In this chapter , he speaks candidly about what it was like to be in prison for 27 years, the methods he employed to resist injustice, and his vision for a better future.

He writes not only of his struggles and triumphs but also of the courage and determination of all those who fought alongside him for freedom.

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