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We’re not Afraid to Die Introduction

By- Gordon Cook and Alan East

The Europeans, You must admit, are enterprising and adventure-loving. These very qualities enabled them to sail around the world, discover new routes and new lands and ultimately colonise them. A few countries ruled over nearly half of the world. Closeness to sea and then better experiences of tempests or storms made them strong enough to challenge death. This lesson recounts the story of a businessman, his wife and two little children. For sixteen years, the man prepared himself for the round-the-world voyage. He built a big boat and undertook a risky expedition. He sailed smoothly up to the tip of South Africa. But as he moved eastward, he faced gales. He hired two helpers to tackle the world’s roughest sea, the southern Indian Ocean. He set out in July 1976. On January 2, he faced the huge waves and fought for survival against a deadly sea. He was badly wounded, so was the Wavewalker, his boat which got damaged. But he sailed on and on. He finally set his foot on a small island. His children also were not afraid to die provided they all were together.

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