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By | July 27, 2023

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Theme Of On Killing A Tree Class 9

“On Killing a Tree” is a condemnation of the human callousness in chopping down trees to grow crops, build cities and make products. Although the poem presents itself as a guide on how to kill a tree, it is actually passionate plea not to cut down trees.

The poem also applauds the sturdiness and resilience of trees in that they take all kinds of attacks and wounds in their stride but refuse to die. They may be wounded, scarred or maimed, but they bounce back into life by healing themselves in due course of time. One wonders if human beings can ever have that kind of attitude to life.


The title of the poem is simple and appropriate as it contains the major concern of the poet – merciless and callous felling of trees. It indicates appropriately that the poem is about the process of killing of the tree. The entire poem explains the view that killing a tree is not a simple, short or easy process. Trees have tremendous strength and a great instinct for survival.


The poem conveys the message that trees are living beings just like any other form of life. They have strong survival instincts and can withstand any type of assault, trauma or crisis. It is not easy to kill them, for they have a never-say-die attitude to life. Every time they are attacked, injured or scraped, they heal themselves and regain their glory. However, if they are uprooted and left in the air and the sun, they die. We human beings must live just as trees do.

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