English MCQ The Tiger King Objective quiz Class 12 Part-1

By | October 17, 2020

As per new education policy multiple choice questions hold 25 % weightage. In this page we are providing multiple choice questions in English. Go through them to find out your understanding of chapter with objective type questions for the chapter The Tiger King. These questions are examveda for you. These are from Vistas We assure you that these objective questions will help you to gain confidence. You can also download English MCQ pdf. These English MCQ are for class 12. In the further pages of edumantra.net you will find English grammar multiple choice questions with answers pdf. So Let’s dive in-

The Tiger King- Multiple Choice Questions in Quiz Part-1

The Tiger King- Multiple Choice Questions in Quiz

The Tiger King

By- Kalki



1.Kalki, the author of ‘The Tiger King’ has used as a background, days of———- kings dominating their subjects.

(a) just                     (b) brave                  (c) eccentric                      (d) gullible

2.In the story, The Tiger King’ proves to be all powerful———-

 (a) strength of character                       (b) destiny

(c) willpower                                          (d) authority

3.The Maharaja of———- is the hero of the story.

(a) Ramnagar                                   (b) Pratibandapuram

(c) Paltipuram                                 (d) Preetamgarh

4.Band informs the readers in the beginning that the Tiger King is ————

 (a) mortal                                      (b) gullible

(c) eccentric                                  (d) immortal

5.How old was the Prince when he ridiculed the astrologer?

(a) 10 days                               (b) 10 weeks

(c) 10 months                         (d) 10 years

6.The astrologer told the Tiger King that death would come from a tiger because he was born in the hour of the————

 (a) snake                                (b) lion

(c) deer                                  (d) bull

7.What character trait of the prince is revealed when he utters the words, ‘Let Tigers Beware’?

(a) Humility                         (b) Arrogance

(c) Pride                              (d) Will-power

8.The Tiger King was crowned at the age of———-

 (a) 10                               (b) 14

(c) 20                               (d) 24

9.The state astrologer predicted that no harm would come to the Tiger King till the killing of——— tigers

 (a) 89                             (b) 99

(c) 79                            (d) 100

10.The Tiger King’s upbringing was very English. He was given milk of an English cow, watched English movies and ——-

(a) was looked after by an English nanny

 (b) his clothes went to England to be washed

(c) he lived in England

 (d) he loved Indian food


1.(c) eccentric                       
2. (b) destiny                   
3. (b) Pratibandapuram       
4.(a) mortal                          
5. (a) 10 days                       
6.(d) Bull
7.(b) arrogance                  
8. (c) 20                           
9. (b) 99                           
10.(a) was looked after by an English nanny 

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