The Tiger King- Title & Message

By | July 6, 2020

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The Tiger King

By- Kalki

Justify the title of The Tiger King


“The Tiger King” is a very appropriate title for the story for several reasons. First of all, the king is crazy about tiger hunting and he marries a princess whose father’s kingdom has a sizeable tiger population. He kills one hundred tigers just to fulfil his vow. Secondly, the king with all his frenzy, anger and ruthlessness is as ferocious as a tiger. Thirdly, he dies of a sliver prick received from a wooden toy tiger. The prediction that a tiger would cause the king’s death also comes true. Since the story revolves around the king and the hundred tigers that he kills, it could not be better titled than “The Tiger King”.

Moral/ Message of the lesson The Tiger King


Through this satirical story, the author has rightly portrayed how human beings have subjected innocent animals to untold torture and death, merely to fulfil their own whims and fancies. The Maharaja’s indiscriminate killing of tigers led to their extinction in some states, but the Maharaja was oblivious of the grave consequences his action was leading to. The author strikes home the message that the ruler’s primary duty should be the welfare of the citizens.

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