The Tiger King- About the Author & Theme

By | April 24, 2023
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The Tiger King

By- Kalki

About the Author

Kalki – A Short Biography

 Kalki Krishnamurthy (1899 —1954), better known by his pen name Kalki, was a Tamil writer, journalist, poet, critic and Indian independence activist.

 His writings include over 120 short stories, 10 novelettes, 5 novels, 3 historical romances, editorial and political writings, biographies, travelogues and hundreds of film and music reviews. Kalki has the skill to take the reader into the times of the story.

Theme / Central Idea of the Lesson. Analysis of The Tiger King


The story ‘The Tiger King’ is a satire on those in power. Most of the time the rulers are not interested in serving the people or work for the welfare of the public; instead, they spend their time in foolish pursuits. This is a story about the transience of life. The story is about crime and punishment. Kalki has used humour, irony and conversational narrative style to bring out the theme.

Theme (2)

The Tiger King’ is a story about the transience of life and power. It is a satire on the conduct of the people in power. It is found that most of the time, the rulers are not interested and bothered about working for public welfare. Rather, they spend their time in foolish things. Most of the people, who surround these powerful people, are also interested in taking advantage of the proximity for their own welfare.

The Tiger King- Title & Message

The Tiger King- Characters & Nutshell of the Story

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