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In this post, we’ll share The Third Level Word Meaning with Hindi. We have used very simple language to explain word meaning in English and simple Hindi meaning to explain the word meaning. This will help you understand The Third Level Word Meanings from Vistas Class 12.  

The Third Level Word Meaning with Hindi  Page 1

Timetables: Train schedules, time charts (समयसूची), Third level: Upper floor of station, higher platform (तीसरी मंजिल), Psychiatrist: Mental doctor, mind specialist (मनोचिकित्सक), Waking-dream wish fulfillment: Daydream becoming real, fantasies coming true (जाग्रत सपना पूरा),

Insecurity: Feeling unsafe, lack of confidence (असुरक्षा), Escape: Get away, break free (भागना), Stamp collecting: Hobby of gathering stamps, philately (डाक टिकट संग्रहण), Temporary refuge from reality: Short escape from real world, brief retreat (अस्थायी बचाव असलीता से), Peaceful : Calm and serene, tranquil (शांतिपूर्ण)

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The Third Level Word Meaning in Hindi  Page 2

Collection: Gathered items, assortment (संग्रह), Blocks of four: Sets of four stamps (चार के ब्लॉक), U.S. issue: American postage stamps (अमेरिकी मुद्रास्फीति), First-day covers: Envelopes with stamps canceled on their first day of release (पहले दिन के कवर), President Roosevelt: Referring to a past U.S. president, Franklin D. Roosevelt (प्रेसिडेंट रूजवेल्ट), Subway: Underground train system (उपनगरीय ट्रेन प्रणाली), Faster than the bus: Quicker compared to the bus (बस से तेज़),

Gabardine suit: Clothing made from a specific fabric (गबार्डीन सूट), Straw hat with a fancy band: Hat made of straw material with decorative band (खार मुद्रित पैसा के साथ टोपी), Escape: Get away, avoid (भागना), Louisa: The narrator’s wife’s name (लुइसा), Steps: Stairs (सीढ़ियाँ), Suburban trains: Local trains serving nearby areas (प्रदेशीय ट्रेनें), Ducked into: Entered quickly (झुक गया), Arched doorway: Curved entrance (वृत्ताकार दरवाजा), Bumping into: Colliding with, running into (टकराना),

Corridors: Hallways, passages (गलियारे), Roots: Underground parts of a tree that anchor it (जड़ें), Mile long: Distance of one mile (एक मील लम्बा), Lobby: Entrance area, reception (भवन का प्रवेश क्षेत्र), Roosevelt Hotel: A hotel named after President Roosevelt (रूजवेल्ट होटल), Office building: Commercial structure (कार्यालय भवन), Forty-sixth Street: A street’s name (छवियासठ सड़क), Pushing out: Expanding, extending (बाहर ढकेलना)

The Third Level Word Meanings Page 3

Long tunnel: Extensive underground passage (लम्बी सुरंग), Feeling its way: Slowly navigating (अपने रास्ते का अनुभव करना), Times Square: A well-known landmark in New York City (टाइम्स स्क्वेयर), Central Park: A famous park in New York City (सेंट्रल पार्क),

Exit: Way out, escape route (निकास), Angling: Moving at an angle, slanting (कोणीय), Slanting downward: Moving downward at an angle (तिरछे रुख में नीचे), Empty sound: Unoccupied noise, echoing (खाली आवाज़), Footsteps: Sounds made by footsteps, walking sounds (पगडंडियाँ), Hollow roar: Echoing noise (खोखली गरजन), Open space: Unobstructed area (खुला स्थान),

Information booth: Help desk with details (जानकारी कक्ष), Sleeve protectors: Arm coverings (आस्तीन की सुरक्षा के लिए), Dim: Not very bright, faint (मंद), Flickering: Rapidly changing in brightness (झिलमिलाना), Open-flame gaslights: Gas lamps with visible flames (खुली आग की गैस दीपक)

The Third Level Word Meaning in English Page 4

Brass spittoons: Containers for spitting, made of brass (पीतल के चुगरे), Glint of light: Flash of light (चमक), Vest pocket: Small pocket in a vest (वेस्ट पॉकेट), Snapped open: Quickly opened (तेज़ी से खोल दिया), Derby hat: A type of bowler hat (डर्बी टोपी), Tiny lapels: Small flaps on a suit jacket (छोटी कला), Handlebar mustache: Style of facial hair (हैंडलबार मूछ),

Leg-of-mutton sleeves: Puffy sleeves resembling a mutton leg (गोल बैल की पायासी आस्तीनें), High-buttoned shoes: Shoes with high buttons (उच्च बटन वाले जूते), Locomotive: Train engine (लोकोमोटिव), Currier & Ives locomotive: Referring to a style of train (करियर और आइव्स लोकोमोटिव),

Funnel-shaped stack: A chimney that’s funnel-shaped (फनल की तरह की धुंदली), Lead story: Main news article (मुख्य समाचार), President Cleveland: Referring to President Grover Cleveland (प्रेसिडेंट क्लीवलैंड),

Public Library files: Archives of the Public Library (सार्वजनिक पुस्तकालय की फ़ाइलें), Ticket windows: Counters for purchasing tickets (टिकट खिड़कियाँ), Galesburg, Illinois: A town in Illinois, USA (गेल्सबर्ग, इलिनोइस), Frame houses: Houses with wooden frames (फ़्रेम हाउसेज),

Tremendous trees: Very large trees (विशाल पेड़), First World War: Referring to World War I (प्रथम विश्व युद्ध), World War II: Referring to World War II (दूसरी विश्व युद्ध)

Word Meaning of Chapter The Third Level Page 5

Clerk: Employee at the counter (क्लर्क), Fare: Cost of a ticket (किराया), Fancy hatband: Decorative band on a hat (खास टोपी की पट्टी), Skin me: Cheat me (धोखा देना), Cash drawer: Compartment for storing money (नकद ड्रायर), Old-style bills: Outdated currency notes (पुराने शैली के नोट), Premium: Extra cost (प्रीमियम), Corridor: Passage, hallway (करीड़ोर), Louisa: The narrator’s wife’s name (लुइसा),

Disappeared: Went missing (गायब हो गए), City boy: Urban person (शहरी लड़का), Galesburg: A town in Illinois, USA (गेल्सबर्ग), Proof: Evidence (प्रमाण), Stamp collection: Group of collected postage stamps (मुद्रास्फीति संग्रह), First-day cover: Envelope with a newly issued stamp (पहले दिन की कवर)

The Third Level Chapter Word Meaning Page 6

First-day cover: Envelope with a newly issued stamp (पहले दिन की कवर), Postmark: Marking on mail indicating the date and place of posting (पोस्टमार्क), Envelope: Paper covering for mail (लिफाफा), Grandfather: A person’s father’s or mother’s father (दादा), Address: Location details for sending mail (पता), Postmark: Postal marking (पोस्टमार्क), Stamp: Postage sticker (मुद्रास्फीति),

President Garfield: Referring to President James A. Garfield (प्रेसिडेंट गारफ़ील्ड), Collection: Gathered items (संग्रह), Paper inside: Content within the envelope (लिफाफे के भीतर की कागज़), Blank: Empty, without content (खाली), Signed: Authored, written (हस्ताक्षरित), Stamp and coin store: Shop selling stamps and coins (मुद्रास्फीति और सिक्के की दुकान), Currency: Money in circulation (मुद्रा),

Set him up: Establish him (स्थापित करना), Hay, feed and grain business: Business related to agriculture (घास, चारा और अनाज का व्यवसाय), Wished he could do: Desired to do (कर सकता था), Business: Occupation, profession (व्यवसाय), Illinois: A state in the USA (इलिनोइस), Psychiatrist: Mental health doctor (मनोचिकित्सक)

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