The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse Short Question Answers

By | February 11, 2023
The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse Short Question Answers

The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse Question Answers have been designed by experts and will help students achieve high scores on the exam.

The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse Question Answers

1.Which tribe did Aram and his cousin Mourad belong to? What was their tribe known for?
Ans.  Aram and Mourad were cousins. They belonged to the Garoghlanian family. This large family was extremely poor. Yet, they were famous for their honesty. They were proud, honest and just. No member of the family could ever think of stealing.

2. What did people say about Mourad? Who had he inherited that weakness from?
Ans. Mourad enjoyed being alive. He was fond of adventures. He too had a streak of craziness. He had got it naturally from Uncle Khosrove. He used to say that he had a way with horses, dogs and farmers.

3. Why did Mourad wake up Aram? How did Aram react to what he saw?
Ans. Mourad woke up Aram in order to give him a chalice to enjoy horse riding. Aram could not believe his eyes when he saw the beautiful white horse. He knew that Mourad did not have the means to buy a horse. So, it must have been a stolen one.

4. What did Aram think about Mourad’s action of riding a stolen horse? How did he justify Mourad’s action?
Ans. Aram too was very crazy about horse riding. But riding a stolen horse both delighted and frightened him. He justified Mourad’s action saying that taking out a horse just for a joy-ride could not be called stealing until they offered to sell it.

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5. Who was the real owner of the beautiful white horse? How did Aram come to know about him?
Ans. The real owner of the white horse was John Byro, a farmer. He had bought it for 60 dollars. On a visit to Aram’s house, he complained of his loss. This assured Aram that the horse had been stolen by Mourad.

6. What was common between Mourad and Aram? In what respect did they differ from each other?
Ans.   Mourad and Aram were cousins belonging to the Garoghlanian family. Both had a common craze for horse riding. But Aram was more honest and straightforward than his cousin. Mourad had a streak of craziness. He could tell lies. He was boastful. Aram was simple-hearted.

7. Bring out the significance of the white horse in Saroyan’s story.
Ans.   The beautiful white horse is central to Saroyan’s story. Its entry highlights the differences in the characters of the cousins. It gives the story some thrill and action. We read on with anticipation to know as to when and how the boys would return the horse, if ever. In the end, it is with its rightful owner. So it dominates the whole story.

8. Why could Aram not believe what he saw that morning?
Ans.   Aram followed the family norm of honesty. He was surprised and shocked to see his cousin sitting on a beautiful white horse. He knew that Mourad was as poor as him and could not have bought it. He even asked straightaway where Mourad had stolen it from. He could not believe this daring act of Mourad.

9. Why did the sight of Mourad’s horse both delightful and frightening for Aram?
Ans. Aram was just a young lad, truthful and honest. But he had a longing for riding a horse. Naturally, he was delighted when Mourad asked him to sit on the white horse. But he was also frightened because he knew that it was a stolen horse.

10. Who was Uncle Khosrove? What were some of the notable traits of his character?
Ans. Uncle Khosrove was widely known to be crazy. He was short-tempered and impatient as well. He stopped others from talking by shouting at them. His stock saying was: it is no harm, pay no attention to it. ‘Mourad had got that craziness from Uncle Khosrove.

11. Mourad had a way and some sort of understanding with three creatures. Who were they?
Ans. Mourad was boastful and self-confident. He was good at dealing with a wild white horse. the farm dogs and an injured bird. The white horse of Byro became better tempered. The dogs at Byro’s barn did not bark at him. The little-injured robin was nursed by Mourad and it managed to fly again.

12. What was Aram’s experience when he rode the white horse alone?
Ans. Aram was keen to ride the white horse alone. He leapt on to the horse’s back and even kicked into its muscles. It snorted and began to run. It went out of control. It leapt over seven vines and threw Aram down in the mud. Aram fell but the horse continued running.

13. “How long ago did you steal this horse?” Aram asked Mourad. What was Mourad’s response?
Ans.    Mourad did not admit that he had stolen the horse. He said that he had been riding it only that morning. He did not want both of them to be liars. So, in case they were found out, Aram should tell them that they had started riding only that morning.

14. ‘I didn’t want both of us to be liars. Who spoke these words and in what context?
Ans.   These words were spoken by Mourad to Aram. Mourad indirectly admitted that he was telling a lie. In fact, he had stolen the horse quite a few days back but in case they were found out by the horse owner, Aram was to tell him that they had started riding that very morning.

15. Who was John Byro? What did he first lose but finally recover?
Ans. John Byro was an Assyrian farmer and lived in the neighbourhood. He was a frequent visitor to Aram’s house. His white horse has stolen a few weeks ago. He recognised his horse being led by Mourad. But he did not create a scene. Mourad returned it to him when he realised that his family’s honour was at stake.

16. Why did Aram run over to his cousin’s house soon after Byro was gone? What promise did he extract from Mourad?
Ans. John Byro visited Aram’s house. He reported that his white horse was still untraceable. Uncle Khosrove shouted him down. But Aram understood that it must be the same horse which they had hidden in the barn. He ran to Mourad’s house to tell him about it. He extracted a promise from Mourad that he would keep the horse for some time more.

17. How did Mourad put John Byro off when the two met one morning?
Ans. One morning the two cousins ran into the farmer John Byro who recognised his horse and examined it thoroughly. But Mourad confidently told Byro that his horse’s name was My Heart. Byro made no fuss because he knew about the honesty of Mourad’s family.

18. Mourad claimed he had a way with dogs as well. How did he support this claim?
Ans. Mourad had enough of riding. Before he was declared a thief, he took the horse to its Owner’s barn. Aram noted with surprise that dogs there made no sound. Mound said boastfully that he had a way with dogs also, a sort of understanding with them.

19.   What change did John Byrn notice in his horse after it was returned to him?
Ans. John Byro was not only happy but also surprised when he got his missing horseback. He failed to understand how his horse had become stronger and hotel tempered than before. He thanked God for the change.

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