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The Proposal

By Anton Chekov

Short Answer Type Important Questions

Answer the following questions in 30-40 words:

1. What do you think would have been Chubukov’s reaction on hearing the reason for which Lomov had come to his house?

Ans. When Chubukov came to know that the reason of Lomov’s coming to their house is to marry Natalya, he was overwhelmed with joy. He embraced and kissed Lomov and told him that he was hoping for it for a long time. He told Lomov that he had always loved him as if he was his own son.

2. What justification did Lomov give to Natalya and Chubukov to prove that he is the rightful owner of Meadows?

Ans. Lomov told Natalya and Chubukov that his aunt’s grandmother gave the Meadows for the temporary and free use of Chubukov’s grandfather’s peasants. So he is the rightful owner of the open meadows.

3. Lomov was a quarrelsome person. Justify.

Ans. Lomov was a quarrelsome person. He came to Chubukov’s house to propose Natalya. But he started arguing about the meadows and insisted that those meadows belonged to him. Later he kept on proving that his dog Squeezer is better than ‘Guess’ – the dog of Chubukov’s. He did not care for his health or his proposal but kept on fighting for one or the other reason. It proves that he was a quarrelsome person.

4. There is a certain way in which the characters speak in the play “The Proposal”. What does it tell us about the Russian men?

Ans.As the story belongs to the Russian character. So through the dialogues of the characters, we come to know a lot about Russian man. According to the story the Russians are very particular about their dress and have particular dresses for a special occasion. Secondly, they are hypocrites. They show off to be sweet but the very next moment, they started fighting. They pretend to be good neighbours but within their heart, they have so many grudges. They love to have dogs as a pet and consider their pet better than the other one. All of them are stubborn, short-tempered, quarrelsome and rigid.

5. Describe, in brief, the character of Natalya as sketched in the chapter the proposal.

Ans. Natalya was 25 years old, daughter of Chubukov. She was a good housekeeper, not bad looking and well educated. She secretly loved Lomov. She was greedy and short-sighted. She was short-tempered as well.

6. Lomov went to Chubukov’s house and was seeking permission so that he could trouble him with a request. What is the trouble that he is talking about?

Ans. Lomov went to Chubukov’s house to ask him to marry his daughter, Natalya. He asked Chubukov for Natalya’s hand. This is the trouble he was talking about.

7. Natalya was not Lomov’s real love. But still, he wanted to marry her. Give two reasons for his decision.

Ans. Though Lomov was not in love with Natalya, he wanted to marry her because he was suffering due to a weak heart and sleep-sickness. He wanted a companion who could look after him.

8. Lomov calls himself a ‘land grabber’. Justify the statement in about 20-25 words.

Ans. Lomov and Natalya argue over the ownership of Oxen Meadows. Natalya calls him a ‘land grabber’ as he claims his ownership over it. Lomov says that he is not a ‘land grabber’ as he has never done so and would never let anyone do so.

9. How and why did Lomov come to meet the Chubukov family?

Ans. Lomov came in a formal evening dress — wearing a jacket and white gloves. He had come to meet the Chubukov family to put his proposal for Natalya. He wanted to marry her.

10. How can you say that Natalya was not convinced that Oxen Meadows were owned by Lomov?

Ans. Natalya was not convinced as she said that they owned Oxen Meadows for nearly 300 years. It was surprising and ridiculous if someone else claimed it to be his own. Chubukov also joined the quarrel.

11. What did Natalya say about Guess?

Ans. Natalya said that Squeezer was superior to Guess —Lomov’s dog. Lomov said that his dog Guess was better than Squeezer. Natalya believed that Guess had become old and ought to be shot. She also claimed that Squeezer was a hundred times better than Guess.

12. What does Chubukov at first suspect that Lomov has come for?


 Why was Stephan Chubukov not happy to welcome Lomov in his house?

Ans. Lomov arrives in a formal evening dress. On seeing him, Chubukov thinks that he has come to borrow money. He decides not to lend it to him but talks to him quite politely.

13. What is the ailment that Lomov is suffering from?

 Ans. Lomov is 35 years old. It is high time that he should settle for a quiet and regular life. He is suffering due to a weak heart and sleep-sickness. In need of a companion who may look after him, he wants to get married.

14.  What request did Lomov make to Chubukov?

Ans. Lomov went to Chubukov in a formal dress in order to propose marriage to his daughter, Natalya. Hesitatingly he told Chubukov that he needed his help and had come to trouble him with a request. He told him that he wanted to marry Natalya.

Q.15. Describe Lomov’s first meeting with Natalya.

 Ans. Lomov goes to his neighbour Chubukov’s house to ask for the hand of his daughter Natalya. He is in a fix how to make the marriage proposal. He talks in a roundabout manner. He makes a mention of his meadows which touch their birchwoods. At this, a quarrel ensues between them over the ownership rights the meadows.

Q.16. What kind of a man is Lomov?

Ans. Lomov is a man of thirty-five years old. He is really a very funny and comical character. He comes to make a proposal to Natalya. But he is so nervous and excitable that he continues quarrelling with the girl over trifles, and fails to make the proposal. He has no confidence and no self-control. He suffers from the fits of epilepsy.

Q.17. Who is the heroine of the play?

Ans. Natalya is the heroine of the play The Proposal’. She is twenty-five years old. She is still unmarried. It causes great worry to her father. Natalya wishes that somebody should love her and propose to her. Her father calls her ‘a love-sick cat’.

Q.18. Why does the proposal remain unmade during Lomov’s first visit?

Ans. The proposal remains unmade during Lomov’s fust visit because Lomov is very much nervous and excitable. He beats about the bush. When Natalya comes Lomov begins to quarrel with her about a piece of land. He gets very much excited and leaves the room, cursing and threatening the old man and his daughter, Natalya. He forgets all about the proposal.

 Q.19. Why is Natalya is so anxious to marry Lomov?

Ans. Natalya is an ugly, middle-aged woman. She knows that only a fool like Lomov can marry her. So, the moment she comes to know that Lomov had come to propose for her hand, she cries and shouts and forces her father to bring Lomov back.

 Q.20. How does Chubukov join the quarrel between Natalya and Lomov?

Ans. Chubukov comes in and finds Natalya and Lomov quarrelling. When he finds that they are `luanvIling about the ownership of the Oxen Meadows. he also becomes angry. Instead of calming them down. he also starts quarrelling. He claims to be the owner of the Meadows. He insults not only Lomov but also his ancestors.

Q.21. What is the cause of the second quarrel between Natalya and Lomov?

Ans. Lomov starts praising the qualities of the dog Guess. But Natalya says that her dog sq which she purchased for 85 roubles is much better than Lomov’s dog Guess. Both of them praise the qualities of their dogs. Now they start quarrelling on this topic. They again start shouting at each other.

 Q.22. What is Chubukov guess about the purpose of Lomov’s visit?

Ans. Lomov calms himself down and begins to tell him the purpose of his visit. He tells him that he came to him many times in the past also for his help but he did not help him. Chubukov thinks that perhaps he has come to ask for a loan. He makes up his mind not to help him in any way.

Q.23. Why is Lomov anxious to marry Natalya?

 Ans. Lomov wants to settle the question of his marriage at once. He thinks that now he should not delay. He thinks about Natalya. She is a skilled house-keeper. She is educated and is not bad to look at. At this age, he should not expect a better girl than her. He is suffering from some serious diseases. Because of these reasons. he is anxious to marry Natalya.

 Q.24. Why was Lomov brought hack by Chubukov?

Ans. Chubukov wondered how Lomov dared to make a proposal of marriage. Natalya was startled to hear it. She forced her father to bring Lomov back. Chubukov rushed out most unwillingly to request Lomov to come back. Lomov agreed to come back.

Q.25. How does Lomov behave when he is excited?

 Ans. When Lomov is excited his heart starts palpitating. His right eyebrow starts twitching. His foot goes to sleep. In the play, he becomes so excited that he falls unconscious. 

Q.26. How does Natalya lay claim to the piece of land called the ‘Oxen Meadows’?

 Ans. Natalya says that the land belonged to her family for the last three hundred years. Now suddenly Lomov lays his claim to that land. She says that the land is not worth much in terms of money. But as a principle, she won’t let Lomov claim it.

Q27.    Who are Lomov and Chubukov and how are they related to each other?

Ans.    Lomov and Chubukov are landlords. They are neighbours too. According to Lomov, he has been coming to Chubukov for help. Chubukov has helped him even earlier. There seems to be a dispute over the ownership of Oxen Meadows. Each one claims that the land belongs to him. Lomov is interested in marrying Chubukov’s daughters, Natalya and considers her a suitable match for her.

Q28.    Why does Lomov come to Chubukov? How does Chubukov react to his visit?

Ans.    Lomov, a landlord, pays a visit to Chubukov. The purpose of his visit is quite clear. He has come with a proposal of marriage. He is interested in marrying Natalya who he considers a good housekeeper and not bad looking. Chubukov misunderstands the purpose of Lomov’s visit. He thinks that he has come to borrow money from him. However, when he comes to know that he has come with a marriage proposal, he is overjoyed and excited.

Q29. Why is Chubukov surprised at Lomov’s wearing of a formal dress when he conies to meet him?

Ans.    Ivan Lomov is well dressed. He comes to visit Chubukov. Chubukov notices his dress. He is .surprised to see Lomov wearing a dress-jacket and white gloves. He is in a formal evening dress. It appears as if he were paying a New Year’s Eve visit. Only later on, Chubukov comes to know that Lomov has come in that formal dress only with a proposal for marriage.

Q30. How does Chubukov react when he comes to know that Lomov has come with a proposal of marrying his daughter Natalya?

Ans. Soon the misunderstanding is cleared. Chubukov comes to know that Lomov has not come to borrow money instead he has come with a proposal of marrying his daughter Natalya. He is extremely happy to hear it. This is exactly what he wants. He embraces and kisses Lomov. He calls him “darling” and “angel”. He tells Lomov that he has been hoping it for a long time. He is ready to bless them.

Q31. Why does Lomov think that he should not be alone but marry a suitable woman like Natalya?

Ans.   Lomov is a middle-aged man of thirty-five years. He thinks that it is a critical age. He should now think of leading a peaceful and regular married life. Natalya, the daughter of a rich landlord and neighbour Chubukov, can be a suitable life-partner for him. Lomov thinks that Natalya is an excellent housekeeper. Moreover, she is educated and not bad looking. All these qualities qualify Natalya is an ideal life-partner for him.

Q32. How does Lomov speak warmly of Chubukov’s family in the beginning? Why does he change his stand?

Ans.   In the beginning, Lomov speaks quite warmly about Chubukov’s family. He reminds Natalya that he knows the Chubukovs since his childhood. His aunt and uncle to had great respect for her family. Both the families have been most friendly and close neighbours. Lomov changes his opinion about the Chubukovs when he picks up a quarrel with Natalya and Chubukov over the ownership of Oxen Meadows.

Q33. Describe Oxen Meadows. How were they a bone of contention between Lornov’s and Natalya’s family?

Ans.   Lomov and his rich landlord Chubukov are neighbours. A piece of land known as Oxen Meadows becomes a bone of contention between the two families. Both of them claim their ownership over the Meadows. Lomov says that Oxen Meadows was given to Chubukov’s peasants for free use. They were to make bricks for the Lomovs. The Chubokovs contest this claim of Lomov.

Q34.   Why do both the families of Lomovs and Chubukovs claim the ownership of Oxen Meadows?

Ans.   Oxen Meadows become a bone of contention between the two families. Lomov thinks that Oxen Meadows that touch the birch forest of Chubukov belong to him. His aunt’s grandmother gave the free use of the Meadows to the peasants of Natalya’s father’s grandfather. In return, they were to make bricks for them. Natalya opposes it by saying that their land extends to Burnt Marsh. It means that Oxen Meadows belong to them.

Q35.   Why does Natalya think that Lomov’s behaviour is strange and he is simply joking and making fun of her?

Ans.   Natalya thinks that Lomov’s behaviour is quite strange. He is only joking and making fun of her. She claims that they have Oxen Meadows for nearly 300 years. She is suddenly told that it is not theirs. It is strange that Lomov is making a present of the Meadows to them which are not owned by him. It is unlike a good neighbour and a friend.

Q36.   Why does Lomov say that Chubukov is not a good neighbour but a land-grabber?

Ans.   Lomov has his reasons to think that Chubukov is not a good neighbour but a land-grabber. His aunt’s grandmother gave the Meadows for ‘temporary’ and free use of Chubukov’s grandfather’s peasants. He doesn’t intend to give up his claim over the Meadows. Good neighbours don’t behave like that. Only landgrabbers behave in this fashion.

Q37.   How does Natalya react when she comes to know that Lomov has come to make a marriage proposal to her?

Ans.    Chubukov and Natalya indulge in all sorts of abuses and insults for Lomov. However, Chubukov discloses the real purpose of Lomov’s visit. She comes to know that Lomov has come there with a proposal of marrying her. She grows hysterical. She blames her father for not telling it before. She tries to bring him back. She threatens to die if Lomov is not brought back.

Q38.    Besides Oxen Meadows what is the other important cause of quarrel between Lomov and Natalya?

Ans.    Natalya and Lomov have already quarrelled over the ownership of Oxen Meadows. Now crops up a fresh cause of their quarrel. It is over their dogs, Squeezer and Guess. Natalya thinks that their Squeezer is a thoroughbred animal. He is far better than his dog Guess. Natalya calls Guess an old and a worthless dog. The quarrel continues even after they are married.

Q39.    Describe the physical condition and health of Lomov.

Ans.    Lomov is thirty-five years old. He doesn’t enjoy good health. He is easily excited. He suffers from palpitations. His feet are benumbed. He can’t express himself like a calm and composed man. He can’t bear too much tension and excitement. He throws himself down in an armchair and becomes unconscious soon. Only when water is sprinkled over his face, he comes to senses.

Q40.    What happens when Lomov is thought to be almost dead?

Ans.    Lomov has come with a proposal of marrying Natalya. When he falls down unconscious in an armchair, both Natalya and Chubukov are unnerved and worried. She starts crying thinking him dead. Chubukov calls for a doctor. He threatens to shoot himself or cut his throat. When Lomov comes to senses, Chubukov grabs the opportunity and blesses them for a happy married life.

Q41.    How does Chubukov react when Lomov comes to senses?

Ans. Lomov’s unconsciousness unnerves both Chubukov and his daughter Natalya. He is thought to be dead. Chubukov thinks that a golden opportunity has been lost.

He thinks of shooting himself or cutting his throat. When Lomov comes to senses Chubukov doesn’t lose the opportunity, He cries, “Hurry up and get married!” He at once blesses both of them.

Q42. Give in brief the character-sketch of Lomov.

Ans. Lomov is a middle-aged man of thirty-five. He suffers from palpitations, cramps and numbness of limbs. He is nervous and can’t speak and act like a calm and composed man. He comes to Natalya’s house with a proposal of marriage but soon forgets the real purpose of his visit. He picks up unnecessary quarrels over Oxen Meadows and on their respective dogs.

Q43. What opinion of Chubukov do you form after reading ‘The Proposal’?

Ans.    Chubukov is a rich landlord and a neighbour of Lomov. He is short tempered and rash in behaviour. He wants Lomov to be married to Natalya. But he forgets the main issue and joins the quarrels between Lomov and Natalya. He adds only fuel to the fire. He can be abusive and insulting. However, he grabs the opportunity and blesses Natalya and Lomov in the end.

Q44. What opinion do you form of Natalya after reading the play, ‘The Proposal’?

Ans.  Natalya is a woman of twenty-five years. Lomov considers her a good housekeeper and not bad looking. She likes to get married with Lomov. However, she indulges in unnecessary quarrels over Oxen Meadows and dogs. She even insults Lomov with harsh words. However, good sense prevails upon her and she doesn’t lose the opportunity of marrying Lomov.

Q45.    Justify the title of the play. ‘The Proposal’ Or What is the theme or the message of ‘The Proposal’?

Ans.    Anton Chekov has aptly titled the play, ‘The Proposal’. The title justifies the main theme—the marriage of Natalya and Lomov. No doubt, both Lomov and Natalya want to be life partners. However, unnecessary quarrels over Oxen Meadows and their dogs Squeezer and Guess temporarily spoil their game. The message is very clear. The main issue must not be clouded and lost sight of by indulging in unnecessary and avoidable quarrels.

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