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By | September 8, 2023
The Necklace Extract Based Questions

The Necklace Extract Based Questions are definitely going to help you to score well in exams. Go through The Necklace Extracts and touch heights of success.   

The Necklace Extract Based Questions

Read the extracts given below carefully and answer the questions that follow:

1. He wants to the police and to the cab offices, and put an advertisement in the newspapers, offering a reward. She waited all day in a state of bewilderment before this frightful disaster. Lisle returned in the evening, his face pale; he had discovered nothing.

(a) What did he do?

 (b) For what did he offer a reward?

 (c) What was the cause of Matilda’s ruin?

 (d) How could she have avoided it?

 Ans. (a) He went to the police and to the cab office and put an advertisement in the newspapers.

 (b) He offered a reward to find the lost necklace.

(c) Her weakness for admiration, pleasure and vanity became the cause of her ruin.

(d) Matilda could have avoided this entire suffering if’ she had tried to live within her means and controlled her wild desires for short-lived pleasure.

2. He threw around her shoulders the modest wraps they had carried whose poverty clashed with the elegance of the ball costume. She wished to hurry away in order not to be noticed by the other women who were wrapping themselves in rich furs.

 (a) Who is she?

 (b) What was the cause of her inferiority complex?

(c) How can you say that Mr Lisle was a loving husband?

(d) Why do you think the tendency to show off becomes a curse for Matilda?

 Ans. (a) ‘She’ is Matilda.

 (b) She thought that they are poor and all the guests of the party belong to the upper class. This was the cause for her inferiority complex.

(c) When his wife was enjoying the dance and gratifying her vanity through the admiration of the men-folk, he waited patiently.

 (d) She wasted her youth and suffered for ten long years only because of her vanity. He will desire for short-lived pleasure had become a curse for her.

3. And she responded, “I am vexed not to have a jewel, nothing to adorn myself with. I shall have such a poverty-stricken look. I would prefer not to go to this party.” He replied, “You can wear some natural flowers. In this season they look very chic.”

 (a) Why was she vexed then?

(b) Which party is she referring to?

 (c) Who is ‘she’ in the above lines?

 (d) Why did she not want to go to the party?

Ans. (a) She was vexed because she did not have any jewel to adorn herself with.

(b) She is referring to the party hosted by The Minister of Public Instruction for which her husband got an invitation.

(c) Matilda

(d) She was grieved for her poverty-stricken look. She felt that she did not have a proper Party dress and a jewel for the party.

4. She suffered incessantly, feeling born for all delicacies and luxuries. She Suffered from the poverty of her apartment, the shabby walls and the worn chairs. All these things tortured and angered her.

(a) Who is she?

(b) Why did she suffer?

(c) Why does she feel tortured?

 (d) What character traits of Matilda do the above lines reveal?

Ans. (a) She stands for Matilda.

(b) She was very beautiful and felt born for all delicacies and luxuries which she was not having. This made her suffer.

 (c) She was unhappy with the poverty of her house. The shabby walls and the worn chairs tortured and angered her.

(d) Matilda was an unhappy and discontented person.

5. “She had no dowry, no hopes, no means of becoming known, loved and married by a man either rich or distinguished; and she allowed herself to marry a petty clerk in the office of the Board of Education.”

(a) Who is the description about?

(b) What sort of person is she?

(c) What is the outcome of her marriage?

 (d) What did her husband do?

Ans.  (a) Mme Lisle.

(b) -She is a pretty lady who is ambitious and discontented with her life.

 (c) She remained unhappy.

 (d) Her husband was a petty clerk in the office of the Board of Education.

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