The Making of a Scientist Character Sketch

By | September 8, 2023
Author of the Making of a Scientist Class 10

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The Making of a Scientist Character Sketch

By Robert W. Peterson

1.Richard H Ebright

  • A multifaceted genius; a great scientist, debater, canoeist, etc.
  • Collected butterflies since childhood
  • Worked on monarch butterflies, the cell and its DNA
  • Inspired by his mother, Dr Urquhart and his teacher RA Weiherer

2.Richard H Ebright’s Mother

  • Encouraged and inspired Ebright’s interest in learning
  • Bought him instruments, cameras; his only companions
  • Got him the book The Travels of Monarch X that changed Richard Ebright’s life

3. Dr Urquhart

  • Famous for work on monarch butterflies
  • Taught at University of Toronto, Canada
  • Helped Ebright with new ideas and suggestions

4. Richard A Weiherer

  • Social Studies teacher of Ebright
  • Respected and admired by Ebright
  • Turned Ebright’s energy towards the Debating and Model United Nations clubs.

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