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By | September 21, 2023
The Little Girl Word Meaning with Hindi

In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from The Little Girl. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying The Little Girl Word Meanings from Beehive Class 9.”

Hard Words : The Little Girl – Page- 32

Feelings = emotions, sentiments (भावनाएं), Echo = resonance, reverberation (आवाज़), Figure = silhouette, form (आकृति), Avoid = evade, steer clear of (दूर रहना), Casual = informal, nonchalant (अनौपचारिक), Respond = reply, react to (उत्तर देना), Relief = alleviation, respite (राहत),

Carriage = vehicle, conveyance (गाड़ी), Faint = feeble, weak (धीमा), Staircase = set of stairs, steps (सीढ़ी), Drawing-room = lounge, sitting room (बैठक कक्ष),

Slippers = footwear, house shoes (चप्पल), Terrify = scare, frighten (भयभीत करना), Hurry up = rush, hasten (जल्दी करो), Stutter = stammer, falter in speech (हकलाना), Properly = appropriately, correctly (उचित ढंग से), Wretched = miserable, unhappy (दु:खी), Spectacles = glasses, eyewear (चश्मा), Boots = footwear that covers the foot and part of the leg (बूट)

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The Little Girl Difficult Words in English Page- 33

Stutter = falter, hesitate (हकलाना), Doctor = healer, physician (डॉक्टर),Wretched = miserable, sad (दु:खी), Brink = edge, threshold (किनारा),Suicide = self-death, self-kill (आत्महत्या),Teacup = cup, mug (चाय का कप), Table = desk, counter (मेज़), Big = large, huge (बड़ा),

Hands = palms, appendages (हाथ), Neck = nape, throat (गरदन), Yawn = gape, open mouth (ज़बानी), Giant = huge, colossal (दैत्य), Sunday = weekend, sabbath (रविवार), Afternoons = midday, post-noon (दोपहर), Grandmother = granny, grandma (दादी/नानी),

Drawing-room = lounge, parlor (बैठक कक्ष), Nice talk = chat, converse (अच्छी बातचीत), Reading = studying, perusing (पढ़ाई), Sofa = couch, settee (सोफा), Handkerchief = tissue, cloth (रुमाल),Face = visage, countenance (चेहरा), Feet = foot, toes (पैर), Cushions = pillows, pads (तकिया), Sleeping = napping, resting (सो रहा हुआ), Snoring = snoozing, rasping (खर्राटे भरना)

The Little Girl Class 9 Good Word Meaning Page- 34

Stare = look fixedly, gaze (घूरना), Owl = a nocturnal bird, typically symbolic for wisdom (उल्लू), Cold = illness involving cough and runny nose, chill (सर्दी), Birthday = the anniversary of one’s birth (जन्मदिन), Gift = present, something given voluntarily (उपहार),

Silk = a fine, lustrous fiber, typically yellowish (रेशम), Laboriously = with effort, diligently (मेहनत से), Double cotton = double threaded (दोहरा सूत), Stitch = sew, join together with thread (सिलना), Fill = to put inside, occupy space (भरना),

Scraps = bits, small pieces (छोटे टुकड़े), Discover = find out, come upon (खोजना), Tore = past tense of tear, ripped (फाड़ दिया), Surprise = unexpected event or thing, astonishment (आश्चर्य), Scream = shout in a high-pitched voice, yell (चीखना), Dragged = pulled forcibly, hauled (खींचा गया),

Pacing = walking back and forth, stride (चलना), Sharp = clear-cut, piercing (तेज), Whispered = speak softly, murmured (फुसफुसाना), Damned = cursed, condemned (शापित)

The Little Girl Class 9 English Difficult Words Page- 35

Crying: Shedding tears as an expression of emotion or pain (रोना), Explain: Make something clear or understandable (समझाना), Shadowed: Covered in shadow or darkness (छायाग्रस्त), Pattern: A design, arrangement, or sequence (नमूना), Floor: The lower surface of a room (मन्ज़िल),

Ruler: Measuring tool or instrument (छड़ी या पैमाना ), Beat: Strike forcefully or repeatedly (मारना), Screamed: Cried out loudly in fear or pain (चीखना), Hiding: Concealing oneself to avoid being seen (छिपना), Bedclothes: Blankets, sheets, covers on a bed (चादर-पर्दे), Pulled: Tugged or moved something forcefully (खींचना),

Aside: To the side, away from the center (एक तरफ), Ordered: Gave a command or instruction (आदेश दिया), Belong: Be owned by or property of (स्वामित्व में होना), Birthday: The day of one’s birth; celebration of the day one was born (जन्मदिन), Rocking-chair: A chair that moves back and forth on curved legs (हिलने वाली कुर्सी), Cling: Hold on tightly or adhere (चिपकना),

Soft: Gentle and pleasant to touch or feel (मुलायम), Sobbed: Cried with convulsive breaths (भारी आवाज़ में रोना), Hanky: Informal term for handkerchief (रुमाल), Blow your nose: To clear your nose by exhaling forcefully through it while closing one nostril (नाक मूँदकर बहाने की क्रिया),

Listen: Pay attention to sounds or words (सुनना), Cheeks: The fleshy sides of the face (गाल), Macdonalds: A surname, likely referring to a family (मैकडोनल्ड), Gap: Opening or missing space (खाई),

Fence: A barrier enclosing an area (बाड़), Little: Small in size or amount (छोटा), Tag: Chasing game where players touch each other (पकड़), Evening: The time between afternoon and night (शाम), Shoulders: Body parts connecting arms to torso (कंधे),

Coat pockets: Small pouches on a coat (कोट की जेबें), Round: In a circular or curved path (घूमते हुए), Flower-beds: Areas of a garden where flowers are planted (फूलों के बिस्तर), Shaking: Trembling or moving quickly (कांपना), Laughter: Sound of amusement or joy (हंसी), Turn: Change direction or position (मोड़), Hose: A flexible tube for conveying liquids (नली),

Decided: Made a choice or reached a conclusion (निर्णय लिया, Sorts of fathers: Different types or kinds of fathers (अलग प्रकार के पिता), Suddenly: Unexpectedly or quickly (अचानक), Ill: Sick or unwell (बीमार), Hospital: Medical facility for treatment (अस्पताल),

Left alone: Left by oneself (खुद को अकेले छोड़ दिया), House: A building for living in (घर), Cook: Person who prepares food (रसोइया), Daytime: The period of daylight (दिन का समय)

The Little Girl Class 9 Word Meaning in English Page- 36

Bed: A piece of furniture used for sleeping (बिस्तर), To bed: Getting ready to sleep (सोने के लिए), Suddenly: Unexpectedly or quickly (अचानक), Afraid: Feeling fear or scared (डर रहा / डरा हुआ), What’ll I do: What should I do (मैं क्या करूँगा / करूँगी),

Nightmare: A frightening or unpleasant dream (डरावना सपना), Often: Frequently or many times (अक्सर), Grannie: Informal term for grandmother (दादी / नानी), Stay: Remain or be in a certain condition (रुका नहीं जा सकता / सकती),

In the dark: In the absence of light (अंधेरे में), It all gets ‘whispery’: Everything becomes like a whisper (सब ‘फुसफुसाने’ लगता है), You just go: You simply go (बस तुम जाओ), Sleep: Resting state of unconsciousness (सोना), Pulling off: Removing (उतारना), Socks: Foot coverings (मोजे),

You scream: You shout loudly (तुम चिल्लाओ / चिल्लाईए), Wake: Cause to become awake (जगा दो / दीजिए), Your poor Pa: Your unfortunate father (तुम्हारे बेचारे पिता)

Class 9 The Little Girl English to English Word Meaning Page- 37 

Nightmare = disturbing dream, (दरावना सपना), Butcher = meat seller, (कसाई), Knife = cutting tool, (चाकू), Rope = thick cord, (रस्सी), Smiling = showing happiness, (मुस्कराते हुए), Crying out = shouting, (चीखना), Grandma = grandmother, (दादी/नानी), Candle = source of light, (मोमबत्ती),

Matter = issue, concern, (मुद्दा), Newspaper = printed news source, (अखबार), Tucked up = secured in bed, (अच्छे से ढकना), Crept = moved slowly, (रेंगते हुए चलना), Snuggled = settled comfortably, (आराम से बैठना/लेटना),

Dark = absence of light, (अंधेरा), Rub = press and move, (रगड़ना), Warm = slightly hot, (गर्म), Tired out = exhausted, (थका हुआ), Funny feeling = strange emotion, (अजीब भावना), Hardness = firmness, (कठिनता), Work = job, (काम),

Mr Macdonald = [a person’s name, no direct translation] (मिस्टर मैकडॉनल्ड), Torn up = ripped, (फाड़ दिया), Writing = text, (लेखन), Dream = sleeping vision, (सपना), Heart = blood-pumping organ, (दिल)