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By | May 14, 2022
The Little Girl Word Meaning

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The Little Girl Word Meaning

 [PAGE 26] : Upset = sad = उदास , परेशान ; feelings = emotions = भावनाएं ; echo = sound = आवाज़ ; figure = form = आकृति ; avoid = keep away =दूर रहना ; casual = informal = अनौपचारिक ; respond = answer = उत्तर देना ; relief = comfort = राहत ; slippers = a type of shoe =चप्पल ; terrify = frighten = भयभीत करना ; stutter = stammer = हकलाना  

 [PAGE 27] : Properly = in a right manner = उचित ढंग से ; wretched = unhappy = दु:खी ; brink = the extreme edge = किराना ; suicide = to kill oneself =आत्महत्या करना ; stretched out = lay comfortably लेटा हुआ ; snore = breathe noisily while sleeping =खर्राटे भरना I

 [PAGE 28] : Double cotton = double stitch = दोहरा धागा ; stitch= sew = सीना ; scraps = small unwanted pieces = कतरनें ; stuff = fill tightly with = से भरना ; search = look for= ; instant = moment= पल ; dragged = pulled = घसीटा ; pace = walk to and fro = चहलकदमी करना ; shadowed = closed = बंद ; pattern = Structure = ढाँचा I

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 [PAGE 29] : Rock = sway to and fro = आगे –पीछे हिलाना या हिलना ; clung= to hold tightly = चिपट गया  I upset = worried = परेशान ; tag = name of a sport = एक खेल का नाम ; hose = flexible tube of rubber etc. = रबड़ आदि की बनी हुई लचीली टयूब ; nightmare = terrible dream = दु : स्वप्न ; grannie = grandmother = दादी  I

 [PAGE 30]: Dreadful = terrible = भयानक ; passage = corridor =गलियारा ; tuck up = pull the bedclothes up round and under the mattress = बिस्तर में सुला देना ; snuggle = lie or get close to =सटकर लेट जाना या सट  जाना ; funny = strange = अनोखा ; stir = move = हिलना –डुलना ; sigh = a deep breath = आह भरना ।

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Vocabulary of the Lesson – The Little Girl

Figure—shape; Avoid—keep away; Casual—without deep affection or interest; Respond-reply; Glad—happy; Relief—comfort; Carriage—car; Faint—slow; Staircase—a set of stairs; Drawing-room-common room for visitors; Paper—ne“PaPer; Slowly—gradually; Push—to use force to move something away from you;

Spectacles—eyeglasses; Terrifying—frightening; Hurry up—do quickly; Stutter—stammer; Properly—in a right way; Matter—case; Wretched—worried; Brink—position; Suicide—kill oneself; Carefully—with care; Yawn—an act of opening one’s month wide and inhaling air deeply due to tiredness; Giant—gigantic man; Stretch—expand; Handkerchief—a square cloth carried in one’s pocket for wiping one’s nose, Snoring—sleep noisily; Gravely—seriously; Cold—blowing of nose; Suggest—produce any idea; Silk—a fine, strong, soft, lustrous fibre; Laboriously—with hard work; Stitchsew; Wander—move without aim; Scrap—residue of something; Gathered—collect; Stuffed—to fill; Hue and cry—noise; Surprise—gift; Scream—cry; Straight—a part of something that is not curved or bent; Instant—that very moment; Drag—pull; To and fro—backward and forward; Sharp—loud; Explain—to make something clear; Whisper—to speak in a low. voice; Fetch—go and bring; Damned—used especially to express anger; Instant—a precise moment of time; Lay—put to bed; Shadow—darkness; Pattern—arrangement of shapes; Floor—surface; Ruler—scale; Beat—hit; Belong—related; Palm—the inner surface of the hand; Wrap—cover; Rock—shake; Clung—hold; Sob—weeping silently; Forget—unable to remember; Quickly—hurriedly; Gap—hole; Fence—wall; Tag—a children’s game; Hanging—falling down; Shaking—moving with short quick movement; Hose—pipe; Cook—a person who cooks food; Afraid—frightened; Nightmare—frightening dream; Grannie—grandmother; Socks—a short stocking reaching a point between the ankle and the knee; Butcher—a person who kills animals; Dreadful—fearful; Shiver—tremble; Creep—crawl; Snuggle—warm; comfortable and protected; especially from the cold; Tight—firmly; Rub—to press and move; Warm—hot; Tired—lose of energy; Hard—difficult; Stir—mix.

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