The Happy Prince- Quick Review of the Chapter

The Happy Prince



1. Where did the statue of the Happy Prince stand?

(A) in the palace                                               (B) on a tall building

(C) on a tall column                                         (D)) in a park

Ans. (C) on a tall column

2. What was the body of the Happy Prince gilded with?

(A) flowers                                                         (B) silver leaves

 (C) thin leaves of brass                                                 (D) thin leaves of gold

Ans. (D) thin leaves of gold

3. What were his eyes made of?

(A) sapphires                                                     (B) ruby

 (C) diamond                                                      (D) glass

Ans. (A) sapphires

4. Where was the little swallow going

(A) to Egypt                                                        (B) to India

(C) to Cylons                                                      (D) to Syria

Ans. (A) to Egypt

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5. Where did the swallow decide to spend the night 

(A) under a chance                                          (B) in a house

 (C) in the king’s palace                                 (D) between the feet of the statue

 Ans. (D) between the feet of the statue

6. What happened as the little swallow was going to sleep?

 (A) a cool breeze blew                                  (B) the clouds thundered

 (C) a large drop of water fell on him       (D) the statue began to shake

 Ans. (C) a large drop of water fell on him

7. How many drops of water fell on the little swallow from the eyes of the Happy Prince?

(A) one                                                                                (B) two

(C) three                                                                             (D) four

Ans. (C) three

8. Why was the Happy Prince weeping?

(A) to sec the condition of the   (B) to see the sorrows and little swallow town sufferings of the people of his

(C) to sec his ugly body                  (D) none of these

Ans.  (B) to see the sorrows and sufferings of the people of his

9. When the Happy Prince was alive; he did not know what______ was.

(A) joys                                                                                 (B) amusements

(C) tears                                                                               (D) blessings

 Ans. (C) tears

10. What did his courtiers call him when he was alive?

   (A) The Happy Prince                                                     (B) Maharaja

  (C) Yuvraj                                                                            (D) Lord

 Ans. (A) The Happy Prince

11. What was his heart made of?

 (A) gold                                                                               (B) diamond

(C) silver                                                                              (D) lead

Ans. (D) lead

12. What was the profession of the woman who was sitting in her cottage with prickled hands?

 (A) seamstress                                                                  (B) cake-making

 (C) charwoman                                                                (D) none of these

 Ans.  (A) seamstress

13. What was the seamstress’s ailing son asking for?

 (A) bread                                                                             (B) medicines

(C) oranges                                                                         (D) drinking water

Ans.   (C) oranges

14. What does the Happy Prince ask the little swallow to take to the poor lady?

 (A) an orange                                                                   (B) a sapphire

(C) a ruby                                                                            (D) a bag of coins

 Ans. (C) a ruby

15. Which country does the river Nile belong to?

(A) England                                                                         (B) India

 (C) South Africa                                                               (D) Egypt

 Ans.  (D) Egypt

16. Where did the little swallow take the ruby to?

(A) to the palace                                                              (B) to the seamstress’ house

(C) to Egypt                                                                        (D) nowhere

Ans.   (B) to the seamstress’ house

17. Where were the white marble angles sculptured?

 (A) in the palace                                                               (B) near the palace

   (C) in the cathedral tower                                            (D) in the seamstress’s house

Ans. (C) in the cathedral tower

18. Why was the boy tossing on the bed?

(A) because of fever                                                      (B) because of hunger

(C) because of cold                                                         (D) because of thirst

Ans. (A) because of fever

19. When the little swallow returned to the Happy Prince after giving a ruby to the seamstress how was he feeling?

(A) cold                                                                                (B) painful

 (C) dissatisfied and tired                                               (D) warm and happy

 Ans. (D) warm and happy

20. What was the trouble to the playwright?

(A) he was sick                                                                  (B) he was cold and hungry

(C) he was dull and boring                                            (D) he had no work to do

 Ans. (B) he was cold and hungry

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