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By | September 9, 2023

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The Hack Driver Introduction

the story ‘The Hack Driver’ is the story of a hack driver called Oliver Lutkins. He lived at New Mullion. He was an important witness in a court case. The law firm wrote many letters to him but he did not appear before the court. At last, the firm sent a young lawyer to New Mullion to issue summons to Lutkins. The junior assistant clerk did not recognise Lutkins. Lutkins met him at the station. He took the assistant clerk all over the town in search of Lutkins although he himself was Lutkins. He could not serve the summons to Lutkins. He had to return back to the city. But the owner of the legal firm sent him back to New Mullion. He could serve the summons to Lutkins this time.

(कहानी ‘The Hack Driver’ एक घोड़ा गाड़ीचालक की कहानी है जिसका नाम ओलिवर लुटकिन्स था I  वह न्यू मुलियन में रहता था I वह एक अदालती मुकद्दमे में एक महत्वपूर्ण गवाह था I  कानूनी फर्म ने उसे अनेक पत्र लिखे लेकिन वह अदालत के सामने उपस्थित नहीं हुआ I आखिर में फर्म ने एक कनिष्ठ सहायक लिपिक को लुटकिन्स को आदेश तामील करवाने के लिए न्यू  मुलियन भेजा I कनिष्ठ सहायक लिपिक लुटकिन्स को नहीं पहचानता था I लुटकिन्सन उसे स्टेशन पर मिल गया I वह सहायक लिपिक को लुटकिन्स की तलाश में सारे शहर में ले गया यद्यपि वह स्वयं लुटकिन्स था I वह लुटकिन्स को आदेश तामील नहीं करा सका I उसे शहर वापस लौटना पड़ा I लेकिन कानून की फर्म मालिक ने उसे न्यू मुलियन वापस भेज दिया I वह इस बार लुटकिन्स  को आदेश तामील करा सका I) 

The Hack Driver About the Author

Harry Sinclair Lewis was a famous American novelist, short story writer and playwright. He was the first writer from the United States to received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1930. He was awarded the Nobel Prize ‘for his vigorous and graphic art of description.’ He created his characters with wit and humour. His first book ‘Hike and the Aeroplane’ was published in 1912 under the pseudonym Tom Graham. He was born on Feb. 7, 1885, in Minnesota, USA.

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