The Diary of a Young Girl- Ch. 7- (5 January 1944 -12 February 1944) Study Material

By | December 17, 2018

A novel for class 10- English CBSE

By Anne Frank   

Chapter 7- Notes and Study Material

Following is the novel of CBSE class 10 – The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank. All the aspects like chapter wise summary in simple words, downloadable pdf files, short story of the novel, book review, Anne Frank   Biography, Important Extra questions and Answers for SA 1 and SA 2, short Summary, main characters,  Anne Frank   autobiography, solutions of the diary of a young girl,Chapter wise Notes and Study Material, Introduction, Analysis, Understanding the Theme, main characters, Chapters in short, Conclusion and much more you will find below. Just get dive in-

Letters from 5 January 1944 -12 February 1944

1. What was Anne’s impression of Peter in the beginning? How did it change?  

 Ans. Anne’s impression of Peter was far from being positive in the beginning. Peter, Van Dan’s son is described as not sixteen yet, a rather soft, shy, gawky youth. Anne confides in Kitty, her diary, that she can’t expect much from his company.

However, as Anne’s longing to talk to someone gets intense, she takes it into her head to choose Peter. Though she finds Peter’s room quite snug, she is afraid he would think her a bore. However, she tries to get him talking. She is soon solving crossword puzzles with Peter, sitting opposite to him.

 But Anne finds Peter to be somewhat queer. He laughs mysteriously and seems to be helpless and uncertain as for how to behave. Anyway, had made up her mind to talk to Peter more often and to get him talking somehow or Anther. She ridiculous wanted to know what was going inside Peter’s head, making her look beyond their ridiculous chatter.

 However, Anne does not befriend Peter merely because she needs a boyfriend. She needs a friend whether a boy or a girl.

2. Give evidence from a dairy to support the fact that the conversation in the ‘hideout’ had become monotonous.

Ans. Conversation in the hide-outer hazy debrief tome monotonous. It had made the atmosphere at the Annexe quite dull and boring the conversation was not about politics or a delicious meal, then her mother and Mrs Van Dan use. to speak about the old stories of their youth, which all at the hiding place had heard much surlier as. well.

Dassel talked about his wife’s extensive wardrobe,  beautiful racehorses, leaking rowboats, boys who could swim at the age of four and many other things.

However if any one of the eight inhabitants in the Annexed op. need his/her mouth, the other seven could finish the story for him/her. Also, there was nom. rib in the conversation. Anne says that it was almost impossible to look for something new in the conversation.

Apart from the monotonous content of the conversation, it was the vexation tab at all suffered due to the suffocating environment at the Annexed. Anne herself had to consume valerian pills to keep depression at bay. Instead of relaxing the mind, the conversation in the Annexed only served to make the environment tense. Anne says that all had almost forgotten to laugh.

3. What made Anne insensitive towards her mother? Explain the reasons behind it.

Ans. Mrs Frank, Anne’s mother, according to Anne, was a ‘frightfully’ irritable lady who always seemed to Anne to bring in unpleasantness for her. Anne found her and her feelings something harder to bear than anything else. According to Anne, she and her mother were exactly opposite in everything, and so naturally they were bound to run up against each other. Anne has a feeling, that her mother did not succeed in being a mother to her and so even when she calls her ‘mother’ she could find no trace of that image in her. This made Anne resolve not to notice her mother’s bad example. What really bothered about her mother was her untidiness, her sarcasm and her lack of sweetness.

4. What makes you think that Anne was becoming desperate and hopeless with each passing day in spite of her strong willpower?

 Ans. As days rolled into months, and months to years, the outlook of Anne towards her own people, towards her country and her own lifestyle changed drastically. At the beginning when Anne got into the ‘Secret Annexed’ things were all exciting. She started analyzing people around her, for she had enough time and opportunity to have a closer look at their attitudes. As days went by the inmates had too much of difference of opinions, which were obvious outcomes of their frustrations at the endless life in the Annexed. There were restrictions to go out and limitation in rations. And then she started hearing about her own friend’s taken prisoners, which affected her mentally. At that tumultuous period, what she needed was love, care and respect from those around her. She started longing for everything — to talk, for freedom and for friends. If she had access outside, she would have relieved herself by letting out her desperations, which made her declare “I have now reached the stage that I don’t care much whether I live or die.” She trusted to luck, did nothing but work, hoping that all will end well.

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