The Diary of a Young Girl- Ch. 6- (23 August 1943- 3 January 1944) Study Material

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A novel for class 10- English CBSE

By Anne Frank   

Chapter 6- Notes and Study Material

Following is the novel of CBSE class 10 – The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank. All the aspects like chapter wise summary in simple words, downloadable pdf files, short story of the novel, book review, Anne Frank   Biography, Important Extra questions and Answers for SA 1 and SA 2, short Summary, main characters,  Anne Frank   autobiography, solutions of the diary of a young girl,Chapter wise Notes and Study Material, Introduction, Analysis, Understanding the Theme, main characters, Chapters in short, Conclusion and much more you will find below. Just get dive in-

Letters from 23 August 1943- 3 January 1944

1. How does Anne feel on reading her own confessions and outpourings?

 Ans. One morning as Anne had nothing to do, she turned over some of the pages of 001 diaries. She came across the descriptions of her mother more than Mark, She wastattat4tatormot that she had described her mother several times in a hot-headed way,

 Anne was compelled to ask herself how she could be so full of hatred for Mr Wirt lit Atmore She brooded for long with the page open before her, She tried to analyze the teams heard how being so brimful of rage. She understood fully well that it was the anger and hate in her time had made her confide it all in Kitty, the diary.

 Anne confesses that she had been suffering from mood swings now and Own, Her entombing moods often rendered her incapable to visualize everything from a balanced perspective, Aar result, she often failed to consider the words of the other side” in a quiet or peacrifs0mermer Rather she was “hot-headed” leaving others either “offended” or “unhappy”, feint wide, who feels it best to have written down her feelings rather than telling them to her mother and inflicting pain on her.

2.’Paper is more patient than man.’ How did Anne apply this saying in her life Expires leer your own words?                                                                                                                                 


Anne writes about her ‘diary’: “Paper has more patience than people,” Comment.            

 Ans. Anne repetitively says in her diary that paper has more patience than people Although, she has loving, caring parents, a sister and a number of friends, she hardly feels close enough to anyone to talk about what she actually feels. Anne desperately feels the need to have someone. around her who can understand her? But no one around has the patience to talk to a young girl like Anne nor finds time to listen to what and how she feels about life.

 No wonder, Anne finds paper more patient than people. She turns to her diary, sharing most of her joys and sorrows with this new found friend.

Kitty, the diary, proves to be quite patient. It is always their fur Anne Frank. It always listens to her. However, Anne is quite humane even to the diary. She keeps telling Kitty that she needs it desperately as there must be someone she can confide in. She reveals her innermost dextrose to Kitty, without applying the morals of good and bad to them, and is happy not to be judged.

Though the paper is patient, Anne misses having a “real mother” who can understand her. She can pour her heart out on paper. But the diary is not a real companion.

However, the great patience exhibited by paper does allow Anne a great friend in Kitty to share her thoughts, ideas, joys and sufferings with.

3. How did Anne feel suffocated in the Annexed?

 Ans:- Anne feels suffocated in the Annexed. More often, life turns out to be unpleasant in the hiding. It is so bad that even little innocent joys are spoiled.

 To make the matters worse, relations between the inhabitants of the secret Annotate keep getting worse all the time. Nobody opens their mouths except to swallow a few mouthfuls during the meals. People are la, sensitive and hence, easily offended Whatever is said either annoy. someone or it is misunderstood.

No wonder Anne hardly fouls at MOO/ dill, lit the river moment in the Annette. She is unnerved, suffocated and depressed to the extent Owl Ile swallows valerian pills every day. Anne fully understands that she as well as others only to norm it lime their hoe and raga. smile and laugh. Anne says that a good hearty laugh would help more than ten valerian But she adds that they had almost forgotten how to laugh.

Apart from mistrust, misgivings and constant unpleasantness among the inhabitants, there was a continuous dearth of the means to enjoy even the simplest pleasures of life. Anne thus longed to be able to go outside for a breath of fresh air.

4. How do we know that Anne was fond of her fountain pen?

 Ans. One of Anne’s diary entries is entitled “Ode to My Fountain Pen in Memoriam.” Anne writes that her fountain pen has always been one of her most priceless possessions. She valued it highly, especially for its thick nib, as she could write neatly only with a thick nib.

The fountain pen was a gift to Anne from her Grandmother who lived in Aachen. Anne was so fond of the fountain pen that she remembered all the minute details associated with it. She had received the pen in a packet wrapped in cotton wool. The ‘glorious’ fountain pen had a red leather case. Anne was so delighted to receive it that she had, at once, shown it around to all her friends. Anne was the ‘proud owner’ of the fountain pen. Anne proudly and delightfully talks about her childhood memories associated with the fountain pen. When she was ten, she was allowed to take the pen to school and the mistress went so far as to permit her to write with it.

Anne leaves no occasion to sing praises of her fountain pen. Anne was so fond of her fountain pen that she packed it and carried it to the ‘Secret Annexed’ when the Franks went into hiding. Anne had written countless compositions and diary entries with the pen. When her pen was accidentally destroyed, she consoled herself with the idea that it had been cremated, just as what she wanted later.

5. Staying in aloofness and away from the world in hiding had a toll on the dwellers of the Secret Annexe. How did it bring a change in their relationship with one other?

 Ans. Anne confides in Kitty, the diary, that there are more often unpleasant than pleasant things in the Annexed to write about. Their troubles seem to be never-ending. Even the cheerful and amazingly brave are unnerved, living in hiding.

Anne writes that relations between them are getting worse all the time. Mistrust and misgivings are almost at the peak. As mealtimes see all of them at the table, no one dares to open their mouths except to swallow a few mouthfuls of food. The atmosphere has grown so tense that no one understands another. Whatever is said, either leaves someone annoyed, or it is misunderstood. Anne herself swallows Valerian pills every day to keep worry and depression at bay. She says that they have almost forgotten how to laugh.

Anne writes that her father prefers being tight-lipped fearing that he might have to patch some tricky relationship again. Mummy has red patches on her cheeks. Margot complains of headaches. Dassel can’t sleep. Mrs Van Dan grouses the whole day. Anne herself is going completely crazy. She adds that quite honestly, she sometimes forgets who they are quarrelling with, and with whom they have made it up.

6. How did Anne’s attitude towards her mother change later? Elaborate.


Anne’s attitude towards her mother changes over a period of time. What characteristics of Anne Frank are revealed by this?                                                                         

 Ans. As days grew into months and months to years, there was a great change in Anne’s attitude. She realized herself to be growing more and more mature. Under one such time, she turned over the pages of her diary. She found that the letters written about her mummy were written in a rage and they reflected only her hatred towards her mother. It was true that the mother and the daughter did not understand each other very well, but Anne knew that

her mother indeed loves her. Now Anne felt that the only way to tackle her mother is to keep bet mouth shut whenever she felt angry. Anne realized that mummy used to be annoyed with her because she landed in many unpleasant situations because of her worries mother grew nervous and irritable and snapped at Anne. But, as days passed by both had become tolerant of each other. What gave Anne comfort was that the hard words for mummy were only written on the paper and not said aloud. For, it would have hurt mother more.

7. Anne was unhappy with her parents. Discuss the reasons in detail.

 Ans. At the beginning of her diary entries, Anne expresses her opinions about her parents. She reveals that she had never felt herself to be on good terms with her mummy. She believed that her mother lacked the essential qualities of a mother. In comparison, Anne recognized her father’s affection towards her to be true. She clung to her daddy because it was only through him that Anne was able to retain the remnant of family feelings. In her words, she does not “love anyone in the world but him.”

 Later, in her entries, we find a change in her opinion towards her parents. She feels matured enough to manage herself and be tolerant even towards her mother. She realizes that she but daddy and mummy had always been sweet to could not her err a moral support or share her intimate feelings. Daddy tried to check her rebellious spirit but it was she who had cured herself through self-realization. She felt that daddy always talked to her as a child, even as she was growing up and could understand what was happening around. His fatherly attitude stopped him from understanding Anne’s feelings or treat her as a friend.

8. Anne and her sister were constantly supplied with books. Why was it required? Comment.


 Why was it important for Anne and her sister to challenge their minds during the trying time of their confinements?                                                                                                       

Ans. Anne Frank and Margot were voracious readers and that helped them keep occupied when they were in their hiding. During her twelfth birthday, she was presented with a couple of books and some money. With this money again, Anne thought of buying ‘The Myths of Greece’. Such was her passion for reading.

When the family was in hiding, it was Mr Koophius who brought interesting books to keep the children occupied. The first one was ‘Young People’s Annual’. Thereafter he ensured a regular supply of books. But that again led to a controversy. For, the adults kept away certain books brought by Koophius, as not meant for children. However, Margot and Peter had the privilege to read many of these books.

 Every other week, Mr Koophius brought a few special books for Anne, like Copter Haul’ series, ‘Kissy Van Sen. Zimmer hotbed’ etc. Of these `Sen. Zimmer hotbed’ was read by Anne four times and that enlivened her spirit. Mrs Frank also had her share of books from Mr Koophius.

 In her later entries, Anne makes even detailed analysis of the books she read. She even tried to translate a French book after reading it as “What do you think of the Modern Young Girl?” Later, when she developed an interest in history her daddy brought her a lot of books including Greek and Roman mythology. Otto Frank too got books as gifts for his birthday. On the whole, it can be said that books filled the vacuum caused by the ‘hidden life’ for the inmates of ‘Secret Annexed’.

9. In what ways, do Anne’s description of life in the Secret Annexed around the end of 1943, differ from the earlier entries?                               

 Ans. As days rolled into months and months to years, the inmates of Secret Annexed could be seen under tremendous pressure. As Anne described herself, there seemed to be a spell of depression around. Whenever there was a loud ring at the door, Anne turned pale and her heart palpitated with the fear of being taken away. All the eight of them were as if “a little piece; of blue heaven surrounded by heavy black rain clouds.” The round clearly defined spot where they stood was still safe but the clouds gathered more closely about them. Koophius was down with the illness, and Anne herself had a bad attack of flu. When the war was at a standstill and the moral condition got rotten in the Secret Annexed, The food lay heavily on everybody’s tummy, causing thunderous noises on all sides.” And then in December, with all the holidays for Christmas and the New Year, they were all stuck in the Secret Annexed like ‘outcasts’. In fact, Anne could not stop thinking, “When will we be granted the privilege of smelling fresh air?” In spite of all justice and thankfulness, she could not crush her longings for cycling, dancing and looking out into the world.

10. Describe in detail Anne’s dream about her friend Lies.


 Describe the mental anguish of Anne on meeting Lies in the dream in your own words.


 Describe in detail Anne’s dream about her friend Lies.                                                 

Ans. Lies was one of the best friends of Anne. She was attached to a new girlfriend. Anne wanted to take her away from this relationship.

Anne misjudged her. Anne was too young to understand her. Anne saw Lies in her dream clothed in rags, her face thin and worn. Her eyes were very big and she looked sadly and reproachfully at Anne.

Anne could read in her eyes: “Oh! Anne, why have you deserted me? Help, oh, help me, rescue me from this hell.” But Anne could not help her. She could only look on, how others suffer and die, and could only pray to God to send Lies back to her.

Anne felt very sorry for what she had done to Lies. Anne repented saying, if she should have all she could wish for, then why not Lies. She was not more virtuous than Lies. Lies, too, wanted to do what was right. Then she asked God, why should she be chosen to live and Lies probably to die. She prayed God to defend Lies so that at least, she was not alone.

11.’But enough about my illness, I am fit as a fiddle again.’ What does it tell about Anne?


How did Anne face the attack of flu? Explain.                                                              

 Ans. In December 1943, Anne was down with a bad attack of flu for nearly fifteen days. This made a long gap in her writing letters to her friend, Kitty. She had a terrible cough and running nose. All sorts of home remedies were tried upon her. Sweating, compresses, wet clothes on the chest, hot drink, gargling, lying still etc were the symptoms of fleeing. Added to these, Anne had the worst experience when Mr Dassel played as a doctor. He lay on her naked chest with his greasy head to listen to the sounds within. Even then, Anne recovered only when the flu got down from her at its own pace. Added to that, Anne had gained two pounds of weight and had grown one centimetre taller. She also had developed a real appetite for learning. Her ability to take things as they come by shows the way she got matured over the years. The entries in .1 this letter show how she had developed an attitude towards taking things lightly for she had “hopes for a better future.

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