The Ailing Planet: the Green Movement’s Role- Important Extra Questions Value-Based Answer Type

By | July 15, 2023

           The Ailing Planet: the Green Movement’s Role

                                                  By- Nanipalkhivala

Value-Based Questions and Answers of The Ailing Planet: the Green Movement’s Role

1. “It is paradoxical that the man who needs the healthy environment most, is destroying Its sanctity and purity for present monetary gains and endanger its own coming generation” Do you agree? Discuss.

Ans. Deterioration in environmental purity is directly proportionate to the economic activities of man. Rapid industrial growth has polluted the natural environment. Environment pollution causes global warming and it is a threat to the whole civilization. Human demands are increasing but resources are limited. Reckless and nonstop exploitation of natural resources has endangered the purity of the environment. Unknown diseases and extinction of many species of plants, animals and birds are the visible impacts. It is ironical that a man who needs the environment the most is destroying its purity and endangering the coming generation. We have realised the hazards and are adopting measures to rectify our mistakes. The ever-increasing population is the main culprit. So to give proper impetus to population stabilisation, a movement is the need of the hour.

The ever-increasing population is swallowing the resources our mother earth provides. A proper balance is required between our needs and resources. Earth will be a safe and healthy place for our posterity if we take care of it today.

2. The pollution problem is assuming demonic proportions and itis difficult to control it. Substantiate this fact with logical points and give views to counter it.

Ans. Due to rapid growth in population, more and more people come to the cities in search of employment. This growing population needs housing, jobs and other infrastructure. As cities expand to accommodate this ever-increasing population and development takes place, all concern for ecology is forgotten. Rules and regulations regarding the protection of the environment are flouted everywhere. As a result, trees are cut at a large scale to make way for flyovers and metro trains, green cover land is converted into colonies for people. Diesel driven trucks and buses pollute the atmosphere. As more and more people fall sick with breathing and heart problems, the government takes note and wakes up to address the situation.

The use of CNG vehicles in Delhi and ban on all vehicles more than sixteen years old are some of the ways adopted by the administration to curb the evil of pollution. This year farmers have been warned not to burn the stubble in their fields after harvesting their paddy crop. This used to pollute the air in Delhi and other cities. These are some of the ways to control pollution.

3. ‘Man is the biggest enemy of mankind.’ deforestation has become his hobby. Elaborate upon the theme.

Ans. It is tragic that man has forgotten that his very existence was once in the forest. Lust for money is depleting the forest cover. Industrialisation and urbanisation have resulted in the unmindful and merciless butchering of forests. The extinction of various wild animals and beautiful bird species is the result of deforestation. Flood, drought, famine, scanty rainfall, earthquake are nothing but silent revenge of nature.

The man has started repenting and he seeks forgiveness of nature. He has become aware of the vagaries of nature. The need for intensive forestry is being realised. The man has realised that in the conservation of the forests is hidden his own conservation and welfare. Not only man’s well being but the well being of all the creatures on this earth is directly linked with the preservation of forests. A poet has rightly said—

“One Impulse front the vernal wood

May teach port nature of man

Of moral evil and of good

Than all the sages can”

Forests and life on this earth arc interlinked. Had there been no forests, this very earth would have been annihilated long ago.

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