The Adventures of Toto- Quick Review of the Chapter

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The Adventures of Toto

                                                                                    By- Ruskin Bond


1.From where did the Grandfather buy Tutu?

 (A) from a zoo                                                                  (B) from a tonga-driver

 (C) from his friend                                                          (D) from a hunter

Ans s. (B) from a tonga-driver

2.What was Toto?

(A) dog                                                                               (B) bear cub

 (C) monkey                                                                       (D) lamb

Ans. (C) monkey

3.How much did Toto cost the Grandfather?

 (A) five rupees                                                                                 (B) ten rupees

(C) hundred rupees.                                                      (D) one thousand rupees

 Ans. (A) five rupees

4.What serves as a third hand to a monkey?

 (A) his mouth                                                                   (B) his tail

(C) his legs                                                                          (D) his teeth

 Ans (B) his tail

5.Why did Grandfather keep Toto’s presence a secret in the house?

(A) he wanted to give a surprise to everyone     (B) Grandmother would riot like him in the family

 (C) he wanted to sell that monkey in a                  (D) none of these couple of days

Ans. (B) Grandmother would not like him in the family

6.What happened to the ornamental papers that covered the walls?

 (A) were torn by Toto                                                   (B) Toto made them more beautiful       

(C) remained as it is as they were                             (D) none of these

Ans. (A) were torn by Toto

7.Where was Toto tied? `

(A) to a window                                                                (B) to the authors. bedroom 

(C) to a peg in the wall                                                   (D) to the door

 Ans. (C) to a peg in the wall

8.What did Toto tear into shreds?

 (A) the author’s school bag                                         ( B) the author’s school blazer.

(C) the author’s pant                                                      (D) all these things

Ans. (B) the author’s school blazer

9.Which animal was not available in Grandfather’s private zoo?

(A) a goat                                                                                            (B) a tortoise

(C) a squirrel                                                                                      (D) a tiger

 Ans. (D) a tiger

10.How did Toto prove to other animals?

(A) friendly                                                                                         (B) troublesome

 (C) soothing                                                                                      (D) careful

 Ans. (B) troublesome

11.Why did Grandfather go to Saharanpur?

(A) to attend a wedding                                                                 (B) to visit the zoo

 (C) to collect his pension                                                              (D) to visit his friend’s house

Ans. (C) to collect his pension

12.In which city did the author and his Grandfather live?

 (A) Dehra Dun                                                                                  (B) Allahabad

(C) Saharanpur                                                                                  (D) Nainital

 Ans. (A) Dehra Dun

13.Who went along with Grandfather?

(A) the author                                                                                   (B) Toto and the tortoise

(C) the author’s Grandmother                                                   (D)He went alone

Ans. (B) Toto and the tortoise

14.Where did Grandfather put Toto on his journey to Saharanpur?

 (A) in his pocket                                                                              (B) in a wooden box

(C) In a canvas bag                                                                           (D) in a cage

 Ans  (C) in a canvas bag

15.How did the ticket-collector classify Toto?

(A) a dog                                                                                              (B)A Small child

 (C) a grown-up man                                                                       (D) a bag of luggage

Ans. (A) a dog

16.What fare did the ticket-collector charge from Grandfather as the ticket of Toto?

(A) two rupees                                                                                 (B) three rupees

 (C) four rupees                                                                                                (D) five rupees

Ans. (B) three rupees

17.Who was Nana?

(A) donkey                                                                                         (B) dog

(C) bear cub                                                                                       (D) Grandfather’s cook

Ans. (A) donkey

18.Which other animals except Toto did accompany Grandfather to Saharanpur?

(A) Nana                                                                                              (B) dog

 (C) tortoise                                                                                        (D) pet cat

Ans. (A) Nana

19.What had Toto done to Nana?.

 (A) fastened his teeth on her ears                                          (B) let her loose

 (C) ate all her hay                                                                   (D) made friends with her

Ans. (A) fastened his teeth on her ears

20.What sort of relationship was there between Toto and Nana?

(A) they were fast friends                                                            (B) they never became friends

 (C) they enjoyed their relation a lot                                        (D) none of these options

 Ans. (B) they never became friends

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