The Adventures of Toto- Main Characters of the Story & Value Points

By | August 14, 2020

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The Adventures of Toto

                                                                                    By- Ruskin Bond

Main Characters of the Story

Character Sketches

Grandfather: Grandfather was a lover of animals. He had put up a zoo in his house where he had a number of animals and reared them with care and affection. He brings home a monkey caned Toto. But since the monkey is a wild animal he could not have a peaceful life. So Toto had to be returned to its previous owner.

Toto, the monkey: Toto was a beautiful, little monkey. He was with a tonga driver. Grandfather took pity on him and brought him home. He created a lot of mischiefs and brought so much trouble in the house. He tore clothes and disturbed other animals in grandfather’s zoo. So grandfather had to give him back to the tonga-driver.

Value Points

  • This story shows that the narrator’s grandfather was very fond of animals.
  • Grandfather bought Toto that was a monkey from a tonga driver for five rupees.
  • Tote’s arrival in the house was kept a secret from grandmother.
  • Toto was a pretty monkey. He was very naughty and disturbing.
  • Once he was to accompany grandfather to Saharanpur in a canvas bag.
  • He poked his head out from the bag and came in the notice of the ticket collector. Grandfather had to pay three rupees as a fine.
  • Toto was given a comfortable home in the stable.
  • He always troubled Nana which was the family donkey in the stable.
  • He always enjoyed a warm water bath in cold winter evening.
  • The family members found it difficult to adjust with him.
  • Finally, grandfather decided to return Toto to the tonga driver for three rupees.

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