The Adventures of Toto- Important Extra Questions- Very Short Answer Type

By | August 14, 2020

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The Adventures of Toto

                                                                                    By- Ruskin Bond

Very Short Answer Type Important Questions

 Q.1. What did Toto do in the author’s room?

 Ans. Toto was kept in a little store. It opened into the narrator’s bedroom. He was tied to a peg on the wall. A few hours later, the narrator found a change in his bedroom. Toto had made himself free by pulling out the peg. He had removed the wallpaper of the bedroom. He had torn the narrator’s school blazer.

 Q.2. Where was Toto transferred from the author’s bedroom? Did he remain peaceful there?

Ans. Toto was transferred to a big cage. It was in the servants’ quarters. There, other animals of the grandfather’s private zoo were also kept. The zoo included a tortoise, a pair of rabbits, a pet squirrel and a pet goat. The monkey did not allow the animals to sleep in peace at night.

Q.3. Describe how grandfather took Toto with him to Saharanpur.

Ans. The next day, grandfather had to go to Saharanpur to get his pension. He decided to take Toto along with him. He got a big black canvas bag and put Toto into it. The bag was too strong for Toto to bite or tear. Tow remained in the bag as far as Saharanpur. There, he suddenly stuck his head out of the bag and grinned at the ticket collector.

 Q.4. How many pets did the author’s grandfather have? Where were they kept?

 Ans. The author’s grandfather was fond of keeping pets. Ile had a small private zoo of his own. In it, he had a tortoise, a pair of rabbits, a tame squirrel, and the narrator’s pet goat. Toto, the monkey, was the latest addition to his zoo. Apart from these animals, grandfather had a donkey also.

Q.5. How did Toto get along with other animals?

 Ans. Tow did not get along well with other animals. He troubled Nana, the family donkey. He often fastened himself on to her long ears with his sharp teeth. He did not allow other animals to sleep in peace.

Q.6. Why did Toto throw a plate at grandmother?

 Ans. One day Toto saw a large plate full of pullao on the dining table. He started eating it. Grandmother came in. When she saw Tom eating rice, she screamed. Toto did not like it. So he threw the plate at grand-mother. The plate was broken to pieces.

Q.7. Why was toto sold back to the tonga-driver?

Ans. Grandfather realised that Toto could not be kept for long in the house. The family could not bear the frequent loss of dishes, clothes, curtains and wallpapers. At last, grandfather found the tonga-driver. He sold Toto back for only three rupees.

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