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By | July 17, 2023

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Should Wizard Hit Mommy Theme

                                            By – John Updike

The story raises a moral issue whether parents should decide what the children should do or let the children do what they like to do.

 It also deals with child innocence represented by Jo and the adult perspective represented by Jake. Jo is like most children who dream and live in their own magical world. They are far removed from ugliness and petty differences. They are pure at heart. Jack invents stories and the plots he creates deal subconsciously with his own experiences and complexes. The story also deals with the theme that parents know what is best for the children even though the children may not realise it.

Should Wizard Hit Mommy Theme (3) :

 The story deals with certain moral issues and with the adult complexes that clash with childish innocence. Father Jack tells stories to his daughter Jo, influenced by his own childhood experiences, failures and complexes. On the other hand, his daughter lives in her own world of fantasy and doesn’t want to come out of it. She feels the pain of being rejected by the playmates when Roger Skunk is rejected due to his bad smell. The story highlights the point that the children also have their egos, identities, views and attitude. The ending of the story also highlights the fact that the children must understand that one must accept one’s identity and gracefully accept the way we are created by God.

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Should Wizard Hit Mommy Title Justification

The title is justified as the story revolves around the question of understanding. In the story within a story, the daughter desires for an ending where the skunk is acceptable to his playmates. However, the father ended the story where the skunk’s real self-remained intact. The story is dealt with from several perspectives; the adult and the children. The title is an open question put to the reader to attempt an interrogation, analysis and to give a verdict. The title invokes curiosity in the reader and attaches importance to the judgement passed as it would reflect the reader’s understanding of systems. The author has deliberately left the title open-ended.

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