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By | September 9, 2023
Should Wizard Hit Mommy Characters

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Should Wizard Hit Mommy Characters

                                            By-John Updike

Jack (The father): Jack, like any loving father, tells stories to his daughter Jo every day to put her to sleep. As he is not very creative and imaginative, he keeps one basic storyline. While telling the story, he tries to dramatise and modulates his voice to bring the effect. He himself didn’t have a very happy childhood. At times, his own childhood experiences, complexes, miseries, humiliations are brought out his stories.

He is a caring husband who shares the household work with his wife. At the same time, he seems to be a chauvinist who does not want to be taken for granted by women and doesn’t want to bow even before his small daughter. When the story fails to convince his daughter, he uses coercive methods to stick to his point of view. He is not able to understand the child’s psychology and that’s why exposes the child to the harsh realities of the world at such a tender age.

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 Joanne (The Daughter): Joanne or Jo is a smart, pampered, loved but sensitive child. Like any other child of four years, she is fond of stories. She is innocent and loves the happy ending stories. She lives in her imaginative world of fairies, magic wands, miracles, etc. and is not prepared for any harsh reality of life. She feels pain for Roger Skunk when he is rejected by his friends. Fun, games and peer appreciation mean so much to her.

She is very logical and argumentative. She has her own mind and cannot accept that mothers can be so cruel as to hurt their children. She urges her father to tell another story when she is not able to persuade him to change the ending of the story.

Jo, like a young smart kid, is full of questions. She is learning new things every day in school and is very inquisitive which gives her maturity. She is brave enough not to accept something that she doesn’t agree upon.

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