Short Poem on:Today & Importance of a Smile

By | December 13, 2019
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Today! Today! Today!
What to do on this day?
Which is the correct way?
If we study, we will be praised. And our position in class, will be raised.
I asked my mother, why is today important? She answered politely, to become eminent.
I was very confused, the talk went on, alive my head. I belt like a tree, with all it’s leaves shed.
Finally I decided, to make a time-table. Divided my work properly, to become capable.
New, I’ll be making, my today the lest. For my future to be bright, brighter and brightest.

Importance of a Smile

I never thought that a small dimple, Could make my life so enjoyable and simple.
A smile, it comes on our face, And gives a wonderful grace.
It is important to keep a smile, On your face everywhere.
Smile contains happiness, Sometimes more, sometimes less.
A true smile has place and purity, As well as faith and prosperity.
For me smile is worthy, Its natural and can never be purchased by money.
Smile is important, Because it can make our each moment magnificent.