Short Poem on :Face Reading & The Man’s Quest

By | December 13, 2019
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Face Reading

Bent heads and teary eyes, These are the actions of disheartened guys, Twinkling eyas & smiling face, Indicate successful guys of human race, Fight skin and eyes globular, Are signs of people who are austere. Work full of patience & assuring eye. Are  signs of responsible guys. Smiling face & raised head, shows someone who is confident. When stronger comes & offer you a treat, Beware ! I am sure that he is a cheat. There are various personalties in human so, before believing anyone read his face.

The Man’s Quest

There was a young boy who lived below A mountain crowned with glaciers and show “Beautiful Mountain!” he used to say, “I intend to go to the lofty peak Before I die”
When he was a man he attempted it thrice – but he failed in his enterprise.
Then the mountain said in his awful voice “I’m here alone and forever alone I intend to remain.”
The man replied, “I’ll try it again to scale the mount’s crest” And believe it or not, me climbed the Mount Everest !