Short Poem on : The power of silence & Who Am I?

By | April 30, 2018

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The power of silence

Beauty in the rose, Music in the mind, Image in the pond, Are observed in the silence.
Reading joy, Reflecting love, Blooming h appiness, Are sensed in the silence.

Strength of a warrior, Courage of the saviour, life int the nature, Are held on in the silence.
Creativity of an Artist, Research of a scientist, Words of a Priest, Are born in the silence.
Depth of the Being, Compassion of a King, Infinite with in, Marge in the silence.

Who Am I?

Who am I?
I asked my family but no reply. Who am I?
I asked the society everyday denied. Who am I?
I asked the mirror which certainly does not lie this proved I like in myself.
I got deeper and deeper went through my passion, desires, weakness and strength.
Realisation struck me. Oh God! I am responsible for myself.
I roomed in search for happiness, I ended up in nothing.
When I searched within myself, I was a better human being.
People judge and will do so gossip and will do so.
Everyone is unique and so am I? Still comparison why? why? why?
Sun’s role cannot be replaced also moon’s presence cannot be disgraced.
Fed up of being a person on who others pass hidden in me is a person who wants to be free.
Life is a journey moving miles ahead. Its all about having clarity in your head.

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