Short Poem on The Best Dream I Ever Had & The New Generation

By | April 30, 2018

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The Best Dream I Ever Had

The Best dream I ever had flying freely in the sky.

Mountains all around and feather to fly.

Sparrows were chirping and Pigeons very shy.

Rivers all blue and plants look beautiful with dew.

The world where no one is harming the nature everyone’s happy and no sad creature.

A place where the bushes are green in my dreams.

A place where there is no child labour and all kids enjoy varied flavors ice-cream .

We all are the children of God no one ‘even’ and no one ‘odd’.

No one ‘black’ and no one ‘white’ no one ‘dull’ and everyone ‘bright’.

This is a place where legends took birth.

This is not only a planet, this is our beautiful mother Earth!

The New Generation

The new generation lacks concentration with smartphones on their laps.

They try to prove that they are smart chaps.

The distance between relation and friends is gaining more and more gaps.

Talking and having fun with gamily and friends has gone ages back.

Dinner time has gone instead TV and computer are one.

We need to do something to stop this.

All one can do is, spend more time with family and friends.

From the starting of the day till it ends!!

So come lets join our hands together.

To get ride of the new generation smartphone fever!!



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