Short Poem on:Wounded… Humanity & The imprisoned Bird

By | December 13, 2019
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Wounded… Humanity…

Humans were those who fought against wrongs,

Those who converted, the corrupts into monks.

But what are we seeing today, we say nothing but to stay!

Today! our mind is full of revenge, the first thing which we can is to beg the scavenge.

Terror strikes us everywhere if someone asks for a paradise as usual, the response will be its’ nowhere.

Will, it might have gone somewhere for hiking so that it could be given protection from we vikings.

But the thing is paradise still reigns somewhere well! this all is cruelty, which is defeating the so could invincible humanity.

Friends, humanity can still rise, if we ask just once from our soul, after all it’s the only thing which is wise.

“Has there been so very cold which has not allowed the spring inside us to take hold!!”

!!Thank You!!

The imprisoned Bird

God gave me wings to fly, not for being enslaved to die.

Looking at the other birds, my heart gives out a silent cry.

For they are free to spread their wings, along with the air they swing.

But my soul feels the depth, of the agony the air brings.

Hoping for the best I pray, that the horrifying damp shades of grey,

understanding my deep pain, would turn red at least some day.

With every approaching breath I take a promise to myself I make.

Never would I seize someone’s freedom even if some rules I have to break.