Reported Speech Rules, Examples and worksheet No.28

By | April 4, 2019

Direct and Indirect Speech sentences are really very helpful to learn English but how to teach direct and indirect speech is a big art and this can be done through direct indirect speech rules and narration rules so we are providing a direct and indirect speech rules chart and some reported speech worksheet and direct indirect speech examples and finally direct and indirect speech quiz which will help you change into indirect speech answer . So you need to go through direct and indirect speech rules pdf and teach and learn narration-


Click here for “Direct Indirect Speech Rules Chart”


Read and complete the following Passage:-

1. Given below is the recipe of the White Rabbit Salad as featured in your mother’s cookery book? Imagine you were alone at home when some guests arrived unexpectedly and you served them the White Rabbit Salad, preparing it according to the instructions given in the cookery book. Now report this procedure by choosing the most appropriate option from those given below and writing it neatly in your answer-sheet with the correct option number.

White Rabbit Salad                                       Process

3 cups paneer                                     

1 medium apple                                    1. Mix all ingredients of the dressing.

1/2 cup roasted walnuts                       2. Mix nuts and fruits.

1/2 cup raisins                                     3.  Add paneer.

For Dressing                                        4.  Pour dressing over these and toss gently.

6 tbsp honey                                        5.  Serve chilled with salad leaves.

3 tbsp lime juice         

All the ingredients for the dressing (a)______ _. The nuts and fruits (b)_______ and paneer (c) _______  . The dressing (d) _______. The salad was then served chilled with salad leaves. 

2. • Found in forests of Assam and West Bengal

  • Large size, very thick skin
  • horn on the nose — its weapon
  • enjoys rolling in dust after mud-bath
  • mud and dust — protect from insect-bite

The Indian Rhinoceros

 The Indian Rhinoceros (a)________  . It has (b) ________ . The strange horn (c) _______against its enemies. Its best enjoyment is (d)______   a mud-bath. Mud and dust on its body protect it from insect-bites.


1.(a) were mixed

(b) were also mixed

(c) was added                                                    

 (d) was poured over these and tossed gently

2. (a) is found in the forests of Assam and West Bengal.

(b) the large size and a very thick skin.

(c) on its nose acts as its weapon.

(d) to roll in dust after

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