Reported Speech Rules, Examples and worksheet No.27

By | April 4, 2019

Direct and Indirect Speech sentences are really very helpful to learn English but how to teach direct and indirect speech is a big art and this can be done through direct indirect speech rules and narration rules so we are providing a direct and indirect speech rules chart and some reported speech worksheet and direct indirect speech examples and finally direct and indirect speech quiz which will help you change into indirect speech answer . So you need to go through direct and indirect speech rules pdf and teach and learn narration-


Click here for “Direct Indirect Speech Rules Chart”


Read and complete the following Passage:-


  • A celebration of annual function in an institute.
  • The Mayor of the city–Chief Guest.
  • Principal and the staff welcomed him.
  • The Mayor’s wife gave away prizes.
  • The Principal hosted a dinner.

The annual function of the Golden Jubilee School and College’s (a) _______  with great pomp and show. The Mayor of the city, (b) _______ on the occasion (c) _______  by the Principal and the staff by offering garlands. (d) _______  the wife of the Chief Guest. A dinner was hosted by the Principal of the Golden Jubilee School and college.                                           


  • Unscrew the lid on the body
  • Remove the inner protective seal and replace it with the filter pad
  • Fit the blue adaptor onto the body
  • Screw back the lid
  • Peel off the lower seal before use
  • Hold the tap and push the filter up the tap until attached securely

First of all, the lid on the body (a) _______ . The inner protective seal was then removed and replaced with the filter pad. After that, the blue adaptor (b) _______ onto the body and the lid was screwed back. Then, the lower seal (c) _______ . Finally, the tap was held and the filter (d) _______ until attached securely to the tap.


1.(a) was celebrated

(b) who was the Chief  Guest

(c) was awarded a warm welcome on his arrival 

(d) Prizes were given away by

2.(a) was unscrewed

(b) was fitted

(c) was peeled off                                                            

(d) was pushed mixed

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