Reach for the Top Part-II- Main Characters of the Chapter

By | August 13, 2020

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           Reach for The Top

By– Maria Sharapova


Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova is among the most renowned woman tennis stars of all times who is equally admired for her game and for her attractive looks. Former number  1, Maria Sharapova is an inspiration for everyone, especially the sportswomen.

Right from her childhood, Maria was calmer, more composed, more confident and more tolerant than other children of her age. She had immense will-power and tenacity that gave her the strength to make sacrifices few people can make – separation from her mother, living alone in a hostile hostel, gruelling training schedules and only occasional meetings with her father. She put up patiently with the torment and humiliation inflicted on her by her fellow trainees. Thus, very early in her life, she learned that excellence comes at a price.

 Maria has always been motivated by her spirit of competitiveness and she has always toiled hard to achieve her goals. Her achievements in the world of tennis and her earnings from it are well-earned and most-deserved.

Maria is also a true patriot. Although she has spent many years in the U.S., she takes immense pride in her Russian identity and retains Russian citizenship, although she remains indebted to the country of her adoption for its contribution to her life and career. She wishes to play for Russia in the Olympics if she gets an opportunity.

 Maria is as successful a businesswoman as she is as a sportsperson. She has skillfully handled her endorsements and is a fashionista who has a love for sophisticated evening gowns. She loves pancakes and chocolate spread with fizzy orange drinks.

Yuri and Yelena Sharapova

Yuri and Yelena Sharapova are Maria Sharapova’s father and mother respectively. Their contribution to maria ‘s success is immense and cannot be measured in words. They identified their daughter’s potential at a very young age and decided to get her world-class training in the U.S. They knew well that it was going to be expensive and difficult, still they extended their full support to their talented daughter. Yuri worked very hard to pay for Maria’s training and Yelena tolerated the heart-wrenching separation from her dear child for two years. As parents, they displayed unflinching faith in their child’s abilities which gave Maria the boost to keep going ahead and to keep countering the challenges that came her way.

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