Ranga’s Marriage- Important Extra Questions Short Answer Type

By | July 3, 2020

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 Ranga’s Marriage

By- Maasthi Venkatesa Iyengar

Short Answer Type Questions  (30 to 40 words)

1.What were the two distinctive features of the village Hosahalli?

Ans.  The narrator speaks glowingly of his village. Hosahalli. He lists a number of distinctive features of the place. It has a doctor who had travelled widely. Then there are some special mango trees and a creeper growing in the village pond.

2. How does the narrator give us a vague picture of Indian villages during the British rule?

Ans. During the British rule, Indian villages were poor and undeveloped. Very few people could understand or speak English. So when Ranga was sent to Bangalore to study, it was a great event. Early marriage was a common practice. Ratna was married off when she was just eleven years old.

3. Why was Ranga’s homecoming a great event?

Ans. Ranga was the son of the village accountant. He was sent to Bangalore to study in an English school. People were very excited when Ranga returned home after six months. They expected a big change in the boy. So they rushed to his doorstep. His homecoming became a great event.

4. What role does the narrator play in the life of Rangappa?

Ans.   Shyama, the narrator, resolves to get Ranga married. He lays a trap for Ranga. He invites both, Ratna and Ranga to his house so that they see each other. There, as the narrator had thought, Ranga becomes attracted to Ratna. Finally, the narrator manages to get them married. Thus, the narrator plays the role of a match-maker.

5. What were Ranga’s views on the selection of a bride and marriage in general?

Ans. Rangappa had no intention to marry unless he found the right girl. He wanted a mature girl and also one whom he admired. He was against arranged marriage and against marrying an adolescent girl. If he failed to find the girl of his choice, he was ready to remain a bachelor.

6. Who was Ratna?

 Ans. Ratna was the eleven-year-old pretty niece of Rama Rao. She had lost her parents. Since she was from a big town, she knew how to play the veena and the harmonium. She also had a sweet voice. Shyama played a key role in her marriage with Ranga.

7. How did the narrator bring Ranga and Ratna face to face?

Ans. The narrator called Ratna to his house to take away some buttermilk. When she came he requested her to sing a song. In the meantime, he also sent for Ranga, so that he could see the girl. His plan was successful. Ranga fell for the sweet-voiced young and pretty girl.

8. What tricks did the narrator play to intensify Ranga’s interest in Ratna?

Ans. At first, Ranga was against marrying a young and immature girl. But the narrator played his cards tactfully. He brought Ranga and Ratna face to face. When he noticed that Ranga was attracted to the girl, he lied to him that Ratna had got married recently. Ranga was sad and disappointed on hearing this. Then with the help of the village astrologer, the narrator convinces Ranga that Rama was the girl for him. Even the stars predicted the same. Thus, Rana was convinced and he married Ratna.

9. Why did the narrator resolve to get Ranga married?

Ans.   The narrator was pleased when Ranga greeted him respectfully and later came to meet him with a couple of oranges. He thought that such a decent boy should marry and settle down. But Ranga had his own views about an ideal life-partner. He was willing to remain single until he found the right gid. So the narrator made up his mind to get the boy married soon.

10.  What role does Shastri play in bringing about Ranga and Ratna together?

Ans.   The narrator sought the help of Shastri in bringing Ranga and Rama together. He tutored Shastri, the astrologer. He took Ranga to his house. Shastriji read the stars and made calculations. He finally declared that the girl in Ranga’s mind has the name of something found in the ocean. It could be Ratna as well. Ranga was convinced that even stars wanted that he should marry Ratna.

11. How did Ranga and Ratna express their gratitude to the narrator?

Ans. Several years passed since the marriage of Ranga and Ratna. They had a three-year-old son now. Ranga invited the narrator for dinner at his house on the child’s birthday. There he came to know that the child was named “Shyama” after him. That was how the Iwo youngsters expressed their gratitude to Shyama.

12. Why did the narrator tell a lie about Ratna’s marital status?

Ans. The narrator noted Ranga’s growing interest in Rama. Ranga enquired if she was married. The narrator told a lie that she was married a year ago. He said so to see Ranga’s reaction. Later on, he declared that she was not married yet. Ranga was surprised and happy, all willing to marry Ratna.

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