Ranga’s Marriage- Important Extra Questions Long Answer Type

By | October 7, 2021
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 Ranga’s Marriage

By- Maasthi Venkatesa Iyengar

Important Long/ Detailed Answer Type Questions- to be answered in about 100 -150 words each Value based questions-

1. Give a brief account of Ranga’s education, his views on marriage and finally how he got married.

Ans. Ranga was the son of an accountant of Hosahalli village. He made news when he went to Bangalore to study further. In those days, not many people could speak or even understand English. So when he returned home after six months, a curious crowd of villagers gathered at his house to see the change in the boy. They were disappointed.

Ranga was unwilling to marry a very young and immature girl. He was willing to remain a bachelor until he found the right girl. He was opposed to arranged marriage. A man should marry a girl he admired—that was his clear-cut philosophy. But the narrator resolved to get Ranga married at the earliest. He so manipulated the situation that Ranga saw young Ratna got attracted to her and with the sanction of Shastri’s astrology, married her.

2. Why and how does the narrator conspire to get Ranga married?

   Ans. Ranga was a young educated, generous and promising boy. But he was adamant on not marrying a very young and immature girl, selected by his parents. He was bent upon staying single until he found the right girl whom he admired. The narrator resolved to get him married. lie thought of Rama. the eleven-year-old niece of Rama Rao. She could play the harmonium and even had a sweet voice. The narrator brought Ratna and Ranga face to face at his own house. He roused the boy’s interest in the girl. He declared that the girl was already married. But it was a lie. He conspired with Shastri to further Ranga’s interest in Ratna. Ranga was made to believe that even according to the Shastras he was destined to marry Ratna.


3. Briefly narrate the main events of the story ‘Ranga’s Marriage’.

  Ans.   Ranga is the son of a village accountant. He becomes a hero when he goes to Bangalore for studies. When he returns to Hosahalli village, after six months, the people make a crowd at his house. They are curious to see the change in him. But they go back disappointed. Ranga’s views about marriage are now quite different after his stay in the city. He declares he would marry a mature girl whom he himself selects and admires. The narrator Shyama is provoked to get him married to the young 11-year-old niece of Rama Rao. He calls both of them to his house. Ratna comes to fetch buttermilk. Ranga hears her sing and becomes interested in her. Shyama tutors the village Shastri who declares that the girl called Ratna is the right match for him. The marriage is solemnised soon. Ranga names his firstborn son after Shyama. It is his tribute to the narrator.

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