Rain on the Roof- Rhyme Scheme, Poetic Device & Value Points

By | July 19, 2021
Rain on the Roof Extract Based Questions


                                                        By- Coates Kinney

Rhyme Scheme

The rhyme scheme followed in the poem is: abcbdefe

Poetic Devices

  1. Alliteration

The repetition of the first consonant sound in neighbouring words. Connects the lines and keeps the sonnet flowing.


  • When the humid shadows hover (repetition of h sound).
  • Overall the starry spheres (repetition of s sound).
  • Press the pillow (repetition p sound).
  • Cottage chamber bed (repetition c sound).
  • Lie listening (repetition l sound).
  1. Imagery

Imagery is using vivid and expressive language to evoke pictures or feelings.


  • Melancholy darkness
  • Rainy tears
  • Starry spheres
  1. Repetition

Repetition in poetry is multiple uses of a word, phrase, sound, or stanza.


  • Listening to the patter (7), Listen to the patter (15)

Value Points

  • The poet is resting on his bed.
  • Suddenly he hears the sound of clouds and quietness all around disappears.
  • The rain starts all of a sudden.
  • The tin roof of his cottage creates the beautiful sound of raindrops.
  • The sound of rain echoes in the heart of the poet and he remembers a good number of things.
  • Some of his memories are sweet and some are sad.
  • The poet receives the sound of rain as a bliss.
  • He remembers his childhood and sweet love received from his mother.

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