Process Writing Examples No.13

By | February 16, 2019

Process writing is an important part of the English Language. Process improvement starts with Keeping your exams in view we are providing process writing topics with process writing examples. This process work is directly associated with your learning of fluent English because process writing includes communication skills. So Let’s dive in- 

13. Describe the process of making a cup of coffee.

Ans. Beat a mix of coffee powder, sugar and a few pints of milk drops into a near-whitish paste in a mug or cup.

 Boil a mix of milk, water and a little sugar.

 Put a spoonful whitish paste of the mix of coffee powder, sugar and water drops in a cup rinsed in hot water.

 Pour the required quantity of boiled mix on it and stir well.

Now pour the rest of the liquid mixed up to the brim.

 Sprinkle drinking chocolate powder on it.

A nice cup of coffee is ready to be served.

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