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By | February 15, 2023
The Portrait of a Lady Introduction

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The Portrait of a Lady Introduction Class 11

                                              By- Khushwant Singh

The portrait of A Lady gives us a picture of a human relationship in a joint family. It is a factual description, a realistic account of how the grandparents give all their time, attention and love to the grandchildren. The description of the author’s grandmother is deeply moving with a touch of humour and poetry in it. She was so old that she could not be older. It was difficult to believe that she once used to play games as a child, and was even young and married. She seems to have stopped growing older. In the village, she was left alone with her little grandson.

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She was religious-minded. She was all the time telling the beads of the rosary. She took the child to temple-school. Inside she read holy books. While returning home she fed the village dogs. In the city, she began to feed the sparrows because she got a separate room to live and there were no dogs. In the last phase, she received the author warmly when he returned home from abroad. She sang his home-coming and beat the drum; she was taken ill and she died. Even the sparrows went into mourning and crowded around the dead body. Such was that lady with a noble soul!

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