A Photograph Class 11 Summary in English

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A Photograph Class 11 Summary in English

The poetess looks at the photograph of her late mother, with her two cousins on a sea beach. The mother was the eldest of the three, 12 years old, and had a lovely face. They were escorted by the uncle, who clicked the camera. The girls stood in shallow water. The sea waves seemed to be washing their feet which changed fast with the passage of time. Only the sea has shown no change in its behaviour over the years.

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A Photograph Class 11 Summary in English

The mother happened to see her photo after a time-gap of some 20-30 years. She was amused to see the pretty, beach dresses of all the three girls. She blushed and laughed. She told the poetess that they had been dressed for the pleasure trip by her cousins Betty and Dolly.
The sea holiday was the mother’s past, but after she had passed away, her laughter became a thing of the past for the poetess. Both had lost their newness with the passing of time. The photograph is twisted and faded; the memory of the mother’s laughter has also grown faint.
 The mother of the poetess died some 12 years ago. The poetess has faced only blank silences after her mother’s death. She has nothing to say about that period since the mother left.

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