My Mother at Sixty-Six Long Question Answers

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My Mother at Sixty-Six Long Question Answers

                                              By- Kamala Das

Important Long/ Detailed Answer Type Questions- to be answered in about 100 -150 words each                                               

 Q1. In today’s fast life, children neglect their ageing parents. What do you think children can do to have an involved and inclusive relationship with their elderly parents?

 Ans. Children are caught up in their own world of stress and ambition. They sometimes ignore their parents. However, if they live in the same city, they should take out some time for them. If they are in another city, the children must ring them up regularly.

Birthdays and festivals are a good time to spend with their elderly parents and make them feel wanted. If children accompany their parents for the medical check-up, the parents will feel reassured. Last but not least, children must let them know how much they are loved. This is the best gift children and grandchildren can endow to the elderly parents.

 Q2. The poem, ‘My Mother At Sixty Six’, brings home the theme that ageing is a natural process and is going to envelop one and all. Comment.

 Ans. The narrator sees her mother dozing looking pale as a corpse. The mother’s pale face arouses the narrator’s childhood fears of losing her mother but she cannot stay on. She accepts her mother’s ageing as a natural process. She hides her pain and guilt under a smile. The narrator delves on the complexities of life in which we have to strike a balance and sometimes part with our dear ones as we have other commitments.

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