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Mijbil the Otter Short Summary Class 10

  1. When Maxwell’s dog died, he became alone without a pet.
  2. In 1956, he travelled to Southern Iraq and there he thought of keeping an otter instead of a dog.
  3. His friend advised him to get an otter in Tigris marshes. They were found in plenty there.
  4. Two Arabs were squatting on the floor and a sack was lying beside them.
  5. They handed him a note from his friend. It read: “Here is your otter …”
  6. The narrator named the otter `Mijbil’.
  7. In the beginning, Mijbil was indifferent but started taking a keen interest in his surroundings.
  8. He came to his bed and remained sleep on Maxwell’s knees.
  9. Like every otter, Mijbil enjoyed splashing water like a hippo.
  10. Mijbil was successful in screwing up the tap to its full flow.
  11. The otter spent most of his time playing.
  12. It was really a difficult job to transport Mijbil from Basra to England.
  13. Mij was packed up in a small box.
  14. The air hostess was quite friendly and cooperative and suggested keeping the pet on his knee.
  15. As the box was opened, Mij was out of the box in a flash.
  16. Mijbil disappeared and later on, it was found beneath the legs of a turbaned Indian.
  17. Maxwell remained in London with Mijbil for nearly a month.
  18. Mij invented his own game with the ping-pong ball.
  19. Like school children, he would touch every block with his feet and touch every second lamp-post.
  20. The average Londoner could not recognise an otter and people started giving wild guesses about him.
  21. Mijbil was called ‘a baby seal’, ‘a squirrel’. ‘a walrus’, ‘a beaver’, etc.

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