Mijbil the Otter- Important Word-Meanings of difficult words

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Mijbil the Otter is an excellent poem which is well explained by Edumantra throughIntroduction Mijbil the Otter, Message from Mijbil the Otter, Theme, Title, Characters of Mijbil the Otter, Summary in English, Summary in Hindi, Word meanings from Mijbil the Otter, Complete lesson in Hindi, Extracts of Mijbil the Otter, Long answers, Short answers, Very short Answers, MCQs of the lesson Mijbil the Otter and much more.

Mijbil the Otter

                                                By Gavin Maxwell

Important Word-Meanings of difficult words from the lesson-  Mijbil the Otter


[PAGE 104] : Otter = a kind of animal (उदबिलाव); ringed by = surrounded by (से घिरा हुआ); at a stone’s throw = nearby (नजदीक); eminently = clearly (स्पष्ट); casually = non-seriously (गैर –गम्भीरता से); marshes = wetlands (गीला/दलदली इलाका); tamed = pet (पालतू); cabled = sent a telegram (तार भेजी); breakdown = being out of order (खराब होना); squatting = sitting on the haunches (उकडू होकर बैठना); squirmed = (हिलना) I


 Sack = a large bag (बोरी); thraldom = being in the control of (के नियंत्रण में); fixation = strong attachment (तीव्र लगाव); emerged = came out (बाहर आना); spacious = big (बड़ा); resembled = looked like (शक्ल का मिलना); conceived = thought (सोचा); dragon = monster (दानव/अजगर) I

[PAGE 105] : Symmetrical = in symmetry (एक सार); pointed = sharp(तीखा); armour = shield (ढाल/बचाव); velvet = soft cloth (मखमल); mole = an animal (मोल); previously =earlier(पहले);at length =at last (आखिर); christened  = named (नामकरण); hostile = unfriendly (गैर-दोस्ताना); aloof = alone (अकेला); indifferent = callous (उदासीन); Crook = bend (मोड़); apathy = lack of interest (रूचि की कमी); wild with joy = greatly in joy (बहुत खुश होना); plunging = diving (डुबकी लगाना); hippo = hippopotamus (दरियाई घोड़ा); characteristics = features (विशेषता); bowl = a container (बर्तन); static = fixed (स्थिर); provoking = causing anger (गुस्सा दिलाना)

 [PAGE 106] : Disappearing

= vanishing (गायब होना); corridor = verandah (बरामदा); fumbling= making awakened movement (टटोलना); chromium = a metal (क्रोमियम); paws = front part of foot (पंजे); amazed = surprised (हैरान); trickle = thin stream (पतली धारा); chittering = a kind of sound (एक प्रकार की आवाज़); irritation = frustration (निराशा); lead = string (डोरी); shuffling = dragging (खींचना); soccer = football (फुटबॉल); dribble = take forwards (आगे ले जाना); flick = quick movement (तीव्र हरकत); juggles = plays with (खेलना); pastime = hobby (शौक) I


 [PAGE 107] : Dreaded = feared (डर लगा); prospect = possibility (सम्भावना); transporting = taking (ले जाना); insisted = stressed (जोर दिया); packed = put into (में डाल दिया); accustomed = habitual (आदतन); hurried = made haste (जल्दी की); appalling = shocking (खराब); spectacle = scene (द्दश्य); chinks = cracks (दरारें); lid = cover (ढक्कन); trickled = came in small quantities (थोड़ी मात्रा में आना); whipped off = quickly took off (जल्दी से खोला); exhaused = tired (थक गया); blood-spattered = blood covered (खून से लथपथ); whimpered = cried softly (हल्के-हल्के रोना); shreds = pieces (टुकड़े); miserable = sad (उदास); tore through = drove fast (तेज़ी से कार चलाई); ricochetting = changing direction (दिशा बदलना); infuriated = angry (गुस्से में); retained = kept (रखा); profound = deep (गहरा); admiration = praise (तारीफ); gratitude = thankfulness (कृतज्ञता) I

[PAGE 108] : In a flash = very quickly (बहुत जल्दी से); squawks and shrieks = cries (चीखें); screaming out = crying (चिल्लाना); portly = fat (मोटा); curry = a dish (एक सब्जी); charming = attractive (आकर्षक); resumed = started again (फिर से आरम्भ करना); craning my neck = raising (गर्दन उठाना); distressed = troubled (मुसीबत में); bounded = jumped (कूदा); nuzzle = rub gently with the nose (नाक से रगड़ना) I


 [PAGE 109] : Eventful = full of events (घटनापूर्ण); ping-pong balls = table-tennis balls (टेनिस-टेनिस की गेंदें); marbles = small glass balls (कंचे); terrapin shell = shell of a small turtle (छोटे कछुए का कवच); native = one’s place of birth (जन्म-स्थान); engrossed = busy (व्यस्त); damaged = broken (टूटा हुआ); at a slope = slanting (ढलान वाला); dash = run (भागना); ambush = to attack suddenly (अचानक हमला करना); crouching = keeping low (दुबकना); spring up = jump (कूदना); grab = hold, catch (पकड़ना); precisely = exactly (सही); compulsive = instinctive (प्रवृत्ति वाला); rituals = ceremonies (रस्में); squarely = exactly (एकदम सही); upright = straight (सीधा); railings = protecting fence (रेलिंग);frontage = front side (आगे का भाग); tug = pull (खींचना); gallop = run (भागना); distraction = diversion (रास्ता बदलना) I

 [PAGE 110] : Variety = newness (नयापन/विविधता); badger = an animal (एक प्रकार का जानवर); mongoose = an animal (नेवला); weasel = a kind of animal (एक जानवर); stoat = a kind of animal (एक जानवर) mink = an animal (एक जानवर); barrage = flood (बाढ़); conjectural = based on guess (अनुमान); sprayed = threw (फेंकना); random = casual (गैर-गम्भीर); guesses = interferences (अनुमान); seal = an animal (एक जानवर); walrus = an animal (एक जानवर); giggles = laughs (हँसना); beaver = an animal (एक जानवर); leopard = a wild animal (तेंदुआ); apparently = clearly (स्पष्ट); brontosaur = a prehistoric now extant (प्रागैतिहासिक लुप्त जानवर); awarded = gave out (देना); stare = look fixedly (एकटक देखना); affront = insult (अपमान करना); abreast = aide by side (साथ-साथ); spat . threw the spittle (थूकना); glared = stare(घूरना); growled = grumbled (बुड़बुड़ाना); I

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