Hard Words : Mijbil the Otter Difficult Words in English with Hindi Meaning | First Flight | Class 10 | 2023-24 Updated

By | July 23, 2024

In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from Mijbil the Otter. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying Mijbil the Otter Word Meanings from First Flight Class 10.”

Hard Words : Mijbil the Otter Page- 104

Otter = water mammal, aquatic creature (उदबिलाव), Ringed by = surrounded, encircled (से घिरा हुआ), At a stone’s throw = nearby, close by (नजदीक), Eminently = notably, particularly (स्पष्ट रूप से), Casually = nonchalantly, informally (गैर-गम्भीरता से),

Marshes = swamps, wetlands (दलदली इलाका), Tamed = domesticated, trained (पालतू), Cabled = telegraphed, wired (तार भेजी), Breakdown = malfunction, failure (खराब होना),

Squatting = crouching, hunkering (उकड़ू होकर बैठना), Squirmed = wriggled, twisted (हिलना), Consulate-General = official embassy, diplomatic office (वाणिज्यिक प्रमुख), Phase = period, stage (चरण), Thraldom = bondage, servitude (वशीभूतता),

Fixation = obsession, preoccupation (अधिक रुचि), Medievally-conceived = old-worldly, traditional (मध्यकालीन कल्पना), Dragon = mythical beast, fire-spewing creature (ड्रैगन), Spacious = roomy, large (विशाल), Tiled = covered with slates, floored (टाइल से ढका हुआ), Creature = animal, being (प्राणी), Experiment = test, trial (प्रयोग), Mosquitoes = small insects, bloodsuckers (मच्छर)

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Mijbil the Otter Difficult Words in English Page- 105

Symmetrical = balanced, proportionate (एक सार), Pointed = sharp-ended, acute (तीखा), Armour = protective covering, shield (ढाल/बचाव), Velvet = smooth fabric, soft texture (मखमल), Mole = burrowing mammal, small animal (मोल), Previously = beforehand, earlier (पहले), At length = eventually, after a time (आखिरकार), Christened = named, baptized (नामकरण),

Hostile = antagonistic, aggressive (गैर-दोस्ताना), Aloof = distant, detached (अकेला), Indifferent = unconcerned, uninterested (उदासीन), Crook = curve, bend (मोड़), Apathy = disinterest, indifference (रूचि की कमी), Wild with joy = ecstatic, elated (बहुत खुश होना),

Plunging = diving, submerging (डुबकी लगाना), Hippo = large mammal, water horse (दरियाई घोड़ा), Characteristics = traits, qualities (विशेषता), Bowl = vessel, dish (बर्तन), Static = stationary, unchanging (स्थिर), Provoking = irritating, instigating (गुस्सा दिलाना), Zoologists = animal scientists, wildlife experts (जीव विज्ञानी), Race = species, kind (जाति)

English Difficult Words from the Lesson Mijbil the Otter Good Page- 106

Disappearing = vanishing, fading (गायब होना),  Corridor = hallway, passage (बरामदा), Fumbling = clumsily handling, groping (टटोलना), Chromium = shiny metal, element (क्रोमियम), Paws = animal feet, claws (पंजे), Amazed = astounded, awed (हैरान), Trickle = dribble, small flow (पतली धारा), Chittering = twittering, high-pitched sound (एक प्रकार की आवाज, मिज्बिल के गुस्से की आवाज),

Irritation = annoyance, vexation (निराशा), Lead = leash, tether (डोरी), Shuffling = scuffing, dragging feet (खींचना), Soccer = sport, football game (फुटबॉल), Dribble = move ball with short taps, guide (आगे ले जाना), Flick = swift motion, jerk (तीव्र हरकत), Juggles = manipulates, tosses in air (खेलना), Pastime = leisure activity, diversion (शौक), Toys = playthings, objects for play (खिलौने),

Marbles = small glass balls, game pieces (गेंद), Achieved = attained, reached (प्राप्त किया), Objects = things, items (वस्त्र), Belly = stomach, abdomen (पेट)

Mijbil the Otter Word Meaning in English Page- 107

Dreaded = feared (डर लगा); prospect = possibility (सम्भावना); transporting = taking (ले जाना); insisted = stressed (जोर दिया); packed = put into (में डाल दिया); accustomed = habitual (आदतन); hurried = made haste (जल्दी की); appalling = shocking (खराब); spectacle = scene (द्दश्य); chinks = cracks (दरारें); lid = cover (ढक्कन);

trickled = came in small quantities (थोड़ी मात्रा में आना); whipped off = quickly took off (जल्दी से खोला); exhaused = tired (थक गया); blood-spattered = blood covered (खून से लथपथ); whimpered = cried softly (हल्के-हल्के रोना); shreds = pieces (टुकड़े); miserable = sad (उदास);

tore through = drove fast (तेज़ी से कार चलाई); ricochetting = changing direction (दिशा बदलना); infuriated = angry (गुस्से में); retained = kept (रखा); profound = deep (गहरा); admiration = praise (तारीफ); gratitude = thankfulness (कृतज्ञता) 

Mijbil the Otter English to English Word Meaning Page- 108

Flash = sudden burst, quick appearance (तेज झलक), Disappeared = vanished, gone out of sight (गायब हो गया), Squawks = loud noises, sharp cries (चीख़), Shrieks = loud cries, piercing yells (चिल्लाहट), Rat = small rodent, mouse (चूहा), Tail = animal’s rear appendage, trailing part (पूँछ),

Portly = stout, well-rounded (मोटा), White-turbaned = wearing white headgear, in a white head-wrap (सफेद पगड़ी पहने हुए), Diving = plunging, jumping down (डुबकी लगाना),

Curry = spicy gravy, Indian dish (तरकारी), Air hostess = cabin crew, flight attendant (विमान संचारिका), Resumed = continued, picked up again (जारी रखना), Craning = stretching to see, extending neck (गरदन बढ़ाकर देखना), Distressed = upset, troubled (चिंतित), Chitter = high-pitched sound, sharp noise (तीव्र ध्वनि), Nuzzle = rub or push gently, cuddle with nose (नाक से सहलाना)

Mijbil the Otter Word Meaning English Page- 109

Mij = The name of an animal (Probably an otter, as suggested from previous text), London = Capital city of England (इंग्लैंड की राजधानी), Toys = Playthings, objects for amusement (खिलौने), Ping-pong balls = Table-tennis balls (टेनिस-टेनिस की गेंदें), Marbles = Small glass balls (कंचे),

Rubber fruit = A toy resembling a fruit, made of rubber, Terrapin shell = Shell of a small turtle (छोटे कछुए का कवच), Native = One’s place of birth (जन्म-स्थान), Marshes = Wetlands, swamps (दलदल), Engrossed = Absorbed, busy (व्यस्त), Suitcase = Luggage, baggage (समान रखने का पिटारा),

Damaged = Broken, impaired (टूटा हुआ), Slope = Incline, gradient (ढलान), Dash = Rush, run quickly (भागना), Ambush = Sudden attack, surprise (अचानक हमला करना), Crouching = Bending low, stooping (दुबकना),

Spring up = Leap, jump up (कूदना), Grab = Seize, hold quickly (पकड़ना), Exercised = Took out for physical activity, walked, Lead = Leash, tether (रस्सी), Precisely = Exactly, with accuracy (सही), Compulsive = Habitual, instinctive (प्रवृत्ति वाला), Rituals = Set patterns, ceremonies (रस्में), Squarely = Directly, exactly (एकदम सही), Upright = Vertical post, straight (सीधा),

Railings = Fences, protective bars (रेलिंग), Frontage = Front side, facade (आगे का भाग), Tug = Pull, drag (खींचना), Gallop = Fast run, especially of a horse (भागना), Distraction = Disturbance, diversion (रास्ता बदलना), Pupils = Students, learners (छात्र), Staff = Faculty, teachers (स्टाफ/अध्यापक)

Mijbil the Otter Difficult Word Meaning English Page- 110 

Strange = unusual, not familiar (अजीब), Recognise = identify, know (पहचानना), Variety = diversity, newness (नयापन/विविधता), Surprise = astonishment, unexpected (आश्चर्य), Mustellines = family of mammals, animal group (जानवरों का समूह), Badger = burrowing mammal, animal type (एक प्रकार का जानवर), Mongoose = carnivore, ferret-like mammal (नेवला),

Weasel = slender mammal, carnivore (एक जानवर), Stoat = ermine, small carnivore (एक जानवर), Mink = aquatic weasel, fur-bearing mammal (एक जानवर), Barrage = onslaught, flood (बाढ़), Conjectural = speculative, guess-based (अनुमान पर आधारित),

Sprayed = scattered, threw out (फेंकना), Random = unplanned, casual (गैर-गम्भीर), Guesses = estimations, inferences (अनुमान), Seal = marine mammal, sea creature (एक जानवर), Squirrel = rodent, bushy-tailed mammal (गिलहरी), Walrus = tusked mammal, marine animal (एक जानवर),

Giggles = chuckles, light laughs (हँसना), Hippo = hippopotamus, large mammal (जलहस्ती), Beaver = dam-building mammal, rodent (एक जानवर), Leopard = spotted big cat, wild animal (तेंदुआ), Apparently = evidently, clearly (स्पष्ट), Changed its spots = altered characteristics, transformed (अपनी खासियत बदल देना),

Brontosaur = dinosaur, prehistoric reptile (प्रागैतिहासिक जानवर), Awarded = acknowledged, gave recognition (देना), Labourer = worker, manual worker (मजदूर), Tool = instrument, equipment (उपकरण)

Stare = gaze, fixed look (एकटक देखना), Expression = look, facial indication (अभिव्यक्ति), Affront = offense, insult (अपमान करना), Abreast = alongside, side by side (साथ-साथ), Spat = expectorate, spit out (थूकना), Glared = looked angrily, intense stare (घूरना), Growled = muttered angrily, grumbled (बुड़बुड़ाना)