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By | September 20, 2023
Madam Rides the Bus Word Meaning with Hindi edumantra.net

In this post, we’ll share Madam Rides the Bus Word Meaning with Hindi. We have used very simple language to explain word meaning in English and simple Hindi meaning to explain the word meaning. This will help you understand the Madam Rides the Bus Word Meaning Word Meanings from First Flight Class 10.  

Hard Words : Madam Rides the Bus Page- 95

Valliammai = Name of the girl, protagonist (वल्लियम्मै), Valli = Short name for Valliammai (वल्ली), Curious = Eager to know, inquisitive (जिज्ञासु), Pastime = Hobby, leisure activity (मनोरंजन), Doorway = Entrance or exit of a house (द्वार), Street = Public road in a city or town (सड़क),

Playmates = Friends to play with (खेलने वाले साथी), Elaborate = Detailed, intricate (विस्तारपूर्वक), Games = Activities or sports for amusement (खेल), Enjoyable = Pleasurable, fun (मजेदार), Watching = Observing, looking at (देखना), Experiences = Events or occurrences (अनुभव)

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Madam Rides the Bus Difficult Words in English Page- 96 

Fascinating = Extremely interesting, captivating (अध्भुत), Bus = A large motor vehicle carrying passengers (बस), Village = A small group of houses in a rural area (गाँव), Town = A built-up area larger than a village but smaller than a city (कस्बा), Passengers = People traveling in a vehicle, especially public transport (यात्री), Unending = Never stopping, continuous (अनंत), Joy = Feeling of great happiness (आनंद),

Overwhelming desire = A very strong want or wish (अधिक प्रबल इच्छा), Wistfully = With a feeling of vague or regretful longing (आकांक्षा से), Kindle = To ignite; here, it refers to sparking feelings or interest (जलाना; यहाँ, भावनाओं को प्रेरित करना),

Longings = Strong desires or wishes (तड़प), Jealous = Feeling or showing envy of someone or their achievements and advantages (ईर्ष्या), Slang = Informal language, not standard or traditional (तात्कालिक भाषा), Disapproval = Disagreement or dissatisfaction with something (अस्वीकृति), Discreet questions = Questions asked carefully without attracting attention (सूचना प्रश्न),

Fare = The money a passenger has to pay for travel (किराया), Fortune = A large amount of money (धन), Replanned = To plan something again or differently (पुनः योजना बनाना), Calculated = Determine something by mathematical means; here, carefully planned or considered (गणना की)

Good Word Meaning of the Lesson Madam Rides the Bus Page- 97

Spring – Season after winter, blossoming period (बसंत), Bus – Passenger vehicle, transport (बस), Highway – Major road, main route (राजमार्ग), Conductor – Fare collector, bus official (कंडक्टर), Crawl – Move slowly, inch along (रेंगना), Coins – Metal currency, small change (सिक्के), Jolly – Cheerful, merry (हर्षित), Joking – Teasing, making fun (मजाक), Madam – Polite address, lady (महिला),

Slack – Not tight, relaxed period (ढीला), Passengers – Travelers, commuters (यात्री), Overcome – Overwhelmed, conquered (प्रभावित), Shyness – Bashfulness, timidity (लज्जा), Avoiding – Dodging, evading (तालना), Quickly – Swiftly, promptly (तेजी से), Empty – Vacant, uninhabited (खाली), Seat – Place to sit, chair (सीट)

English Difficult Words of the Chapter Madam Rides the Bus Page- 98

Madam – Polite address, lady (महिला), Conductor – Fare collector, bus official (कंडक्टर), Whistle – A shrill sound, instrument blown (सीटी), Gleaming – Shining, sparkling (चमकता हुआ), Stripes – Bands, lines (धारियाँ), Overhead – Above, top (ऊपर का), Windshield – Front glass of a vehicle, screen (विंडशील्ड), Luxurious – Rich, comfortable (आरामदायक), Devoured – Consumed, observed eagerly (लालयित होकर देखना),

Canvas – Strong cloth, material (कैनवास), Blind – Shade, cover (पर्दा), Canal – Waterway, channel (नहर), Ditch – Trench, hollow (खड्डा), Acres – Measure of land, large extent (एकड़), Wonderful – Marvelous, amazing (अद्भुत), Startled – Surprised, shocked (चौंकाना), Voice – Sound, tone (आवाज़)

Madam Rides the Bus Lesson Word Meaning in English Page- 99

Elderly – Old, aged (वृद्ध), Honestly – Truly, genuinely (सच्चाई से), Concerned – Worried, troubled (चिंतित), Annoyed – Irritated, vexed (परेशान), Haughtily – Proudly, arrogantly (अभिमान से), Chimed – Spoke, added (टिप्पणी की), Fare – Payment, charge (किराया), Glance – Brief look, glimpse (झलक), Mimicking – Imitating, mocking (नकल करना), Comfortable – At ease, relaxed (आरामदायक),

Sharp turn – Sudden change of direction (तेज़ मोड़), Irritably – Angrily, impatiently (चिड़चिड़ा होकर), Passengers – Travelers, commuters (यात्री), Repulsive – Disgusting, revolting (घिनौना), Ear lobes – Lower soft part of the ear (कान की लोब), Earrings – Jewelry worn on the ear (कान की बाली), Betel nut – Seed of the areca palm, chewed with betel leaf (सुपारी)

Madam Rides the Bus Class 10 Word Meaning in English Page- 100

Sociable – Friendly, outgoing (मैत्रीपूर्ण), Curtly – Briefly, rudely (रूखे तरीके से), Proper – Suitable, appropriate (उपयुक्त), Drivel – Nonsense, idle talk (बकवास), Painstaking – With great care, meticulous (ध्यान से), Elaborate – Detailed, intricate (विस्तारपूर्वक), Thriftily – Carefully, frugally (मितव्ययी तरीके से), Temptation – Desire, urge (प्रलोभन), Resolutely – Firmly, determinedly (दृढ़ निश्चय से),

Merry-go-round – Carousel, a rotating ride (घूमता खेलना), Problem – Issue, dilemma (समस्या), Slip – Sneak, move quietly (चुपचाप जाना), Nap – Short sleep, siesta (छोटी नींद), Knowledge – Awareness, understanding (जानकारी), Excursions – Short trips, outings (सैर), Doorway – Entrance, gateway (द्वार)

Madam Rides the Bus English to English Word Meaning Page- 101

Excursion – Short journey, Trip (यात्रा), Landscape – Scenery, View (दृश्य), Hamlet – Small village, Settlement (छोटा गाँव), Wayside – Side of the road, Roadside (सड़क का किनारा), Gobbling up – Swallowing quickly, Consuming rapidly (तेजी से निगलना), Pedestrian – Walker, Person walking (पैदल चलने वाला),

Obstacles – Barriers, Hurdles (बाधाएँ), Glee – Great delight, Joy (आनंद), Crawl – Move slowly, Creep (धीरे धीरे बढ़ना), Honked – Sounded a horn, Beeped (हॉर्न बजाना), Gallop – Run fast, Sprint (तेजी से दौड़ना)

Class 10 English Madam Rides the Bus Word Meaning English Page- 102

Somehow – In some way, By some means (किसी प्रकार), Laughed – Chuckled, Giggled (हंसना), Tears – Drops from eyes, Liquid from eyes (आंसू), Conductor – Bus staff, Ticket issuer (परिचालक), Railroad crossing – Train crossing, Level crossing (रेल मार्ग पार पत्री), Tremendous – Huge, Very large (अत्यधिक), Roar and rattle – Loud noise, Thundering sound (गर्जन और कड़कड़ाहट),

Thoroughfare – Main road, Principal street (मुख्य सड़क), Merchandise – Goods, Products for sale (माल), Struck dumb – Amazed, Astonished (अच्छंभित), Gaped – Stared open-mouthed, Looked in surprise (ताकता रह जाना), Sights – Views, Scenes (दृश्य), Amused – Entertained, Tickled (मनोरंजित), Afraid – Fearful, Scared (डरा हुआ), Stall – Small shop, Kiosk (दुकान), Cold drink – Chilled beverage, Soda (ठंडा पेय)

Class 10 Madam Rides the Bus Difficult Word Meaning English Page 103

Stretched – Extended, elongated (विस्तार किया), Conductor – Bus official, fare collector (कंडक्टर), Fare – Payment, charge (किराया), Jumped – Leaped, hopped (उछला), Chatterbox – Talkative, gossipy (बड़ा बोलने वाला), Casually – Informally, relaxedly (आराम से), Midst – Center, middle (बीच में), Completely – Wholly, entirely (पूरी तरह से), Breathe – Inhale, exhale (सांस लेना),

Chit – Note, short letter (छोटा पत्र), Pokes – Prods, jabs (धकेलना), Grown lady – Adult woman, mature female (बड़ी महिला), Smile – Grin, beam (मुस्कान), Chance – Probability, possibility (संभावना), Agreeing – Concurring, assenting (सहमत होना), Knowledge – Understanding, awareness (जानकारी), Conversation – Talk, discourse (बातचीत), Understand – Comprehend, grasp (समझना)