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By | July 7, 2020

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Lost Spring

By- Anees Jung


Q1. Most of us do not raise our voice against injustice in our society. Anees Jung in her story, ‘Lost Spring’ vividly highlights the miserable life of street children and bangle makers of Firozabad. What values do we need to inculcate among the people to bring back the spring in the lives of these children.

 Ans. Anees Jung wants to uplift the cause of street children and bangle makers. Children living in Seemapuri do not go to school as there is no school. They are barefooted and spend their days scrounging for something wonderful in heaps of garbage. The children lead miserable lives, caught in the vicious circle of poverty into which they have fallen due to the middlemen, chukars, and law enforcement officials.

 Media can create awareness about the underprivileged. We need to garner support from youngsters and start night schools for children like Saheb-e-Alam. There is hope when Anees Jung encounters youngsters like Mukesh who dare to dream. More people need to come forward and create an environment in which these children dare to dream.

 Q2. “None of them knows that it is illegal for children like him to work in the glass furnaces with high temperatures”. What can be done to improve a lot of poor children in India?

Ans. The problem of employment of children in hazardous conditions is prevalent in India. The Government has taken measures to curb this malpractice. However, the implementation of the laws must be stringent. The children must be provided with education. Moreover, the parents also have to be made aware of the hazards and dangers their children face in such working in hazardous conditions.

 Most of the children working in Firozabad lose their eyesight before they become adults. There is a vicious cycle of poverty due to middlemen, chukars and law enforcers. A situation must be created where the children can exercise their right to education and their parents receive their dues.

3.’None of them know that it is illegal for children like him to work in the glass furnaces with high temperatures in dingy cells without air and light—‘

‘ These words from ‘Lost Spring’ throw light on the grinding poverty that forces many children in India to lead a life of exploitation whereby they have to slog in subhuman conditions.

Driven by a concern for such children, who lose their childhood and who go through an unjust treatment, write an article in 100-150 words on ‘Child Labour in India.’

Ans.                                                       CHILD LABOUR IN INDIA

A child, whose childhood has been snatched away, now works hard, day and night, to earn a meagre pay.

This is the scenario with more than 10 million children who are employed in hazardous and dangerous trades and industries. At a tender age, they are forced to work for 10-15 hours under sub-human conditions. Fireworks factory, cashew nut industry, bangle-making factories, carpet industry—there are innumerable such factories prevailing in our country where these children are being exploited. They are underpaid and ill-treated. As a result, they develop many life-long deformities like losing their eyesight, asthma, bone deformity, etc.

 In spite of the constitutional laws against child labour and RTE which enforces the right to education for each and every child below the age of 14 years, these children are deprived of any education. Their day starts in factories and ends there.

It is said that children are the future of a nation. We need to ponder on what kind of future are we building. With so many children stuck in the clutches of child labour, we are building an uneducated• unhealthy and diseased India. So, it is high time that the government and society work for these underprivileged children by strictly implementing the law and rehabilitating them.

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