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By | September 9, 2023
Introduction of Chapter Bholi

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Author of Chapter Bholi

Khwaja Ahmad Abbas was a famous Indian film director, novelist, screenwriter and a journalist in Urdu, Hindi and English languages. He was the maker of films like ‘SW Hindustani’ (1969), and ‘Do Boond Pani’ which won the National Film Award for the best feature film on National Integration. He wrote screen scripts of the best of Raj Kapoor’s films like `Awaara’, `Shri 420′, ‘Mera Naam Joker’, and ‘Bobby’. He was born in the family of the famous Urdu poet, Hall, who was a student of Mirza Ghalib. His grandfather was one of the chief rebels of 1857, First War of Independence. He was born in Panipat, Haryana on 7 June 1914 and died on 1 June 1987 at the age of 72, in Bombay.

Introduction of Chapter Bholi

This is the story of a little girl named Bholi who was a slow-learner and stammered. She fell down from the cot in her childhood and a part of her brain was damaged. She had lost her beauty to smallpox. She was neglected as a witless fool even by his parents and her brothers and sisters. But the opening of a primary school for girls in her village changed her life. Her teacher was very kind and courageous to her. She gave her confidence. She made her speak without halts. The girl achieved what appeared to be impossible. She proved herself a real heroine when she refused to marry Bishamber Nath who demanded five thousand rupees cash from her father in dowry.

(यह भोली नाम की छोटी सी लड़की की कहानी है जो मंद गति से सीखने और हकलाकार बोलने वाली थी I बचपन में वह चारपाई से गिर गई थी और उसके दिमाग का एक भाग विकृत हो गया था I उसकी सुंदरता चेचक की बीमारी ने छीन ली थी I उसे एक मंदबुद्धि समझ कर उसके माता-पिता, उसके भाइयों और बहनों के द्वारा भी उसकी अवहेलना की जाती थी I लेकिन उसके गांव में लड़कियों के लिए प्राथमिक विद्यालय खुलने से उसका जीवन बदल गया I उसकी अध्यापिका उसके प्रति बहुत दयालु और उत्साहवर्धक थी I उसने उसे विश्वास दिलाया I उसने उसे हकलाए बिना बोलना सिखाया I लड़की ने असंभव को संभव कर दिखाया I उसने विशंभर नाथ से शादी से इंकार करके नायिका का काम कर दिखाया जिसने उसके पिता जी से दहेज में पाँच हजार रूपये नगद माँगे थे I )

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