For Anne Gregory- Value Points of the Poem

By | September 9, 2023
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For Anne Gregory

By William Butler Yeats  

Value Points of the Poem

  1. The poem is addressed to a young and beautiful lady named Anne Gregory.
  2. Her hair is honey-coloured or blonde.
  3. Every young man loves Anne just because of her beautiful hair.
  4. Her hair falling on her ears look like the ramparts surrounding a castle.
  5. The poet says that no one would love Anne Gregory for ‘herself alone’.
  6. No one cares for her inner beauty or the nobility of her soul.
  7. Her outward appearance and her yellow hair are the only causes of her attraction.
  8. In the second stanza, the lady, Anne Gregory herself settles the issue.
  9. She says that she is free to choose what colour she uses to dye her hair.
  10. She can dye her hair brown or black or of the colour of a carrot.
  11. Any young man should fall in love with her only after judging her own merits.
  12. Her yellow hair or outwardly appearance should not make any young man sigh for her in despair.
  13. She should be loved for ‘herself alone’.
  14. In the last stanza, the poet resolves the issue.
  15. The poet quotes a religious text.
  16. It is beyond human beings not to be attracted by physical appearance or beauty.
  17. Human beings can be easily swayed by beautiful yellow hair or outwardly appearance.
  18. Only God has the ability to withstand the temptations of physical beauty.
  19. Men, without God’s strength, simply can’t look beyond physical appearances.

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