Filing an FIR Against Fraud Transactions: A Comprehensive Guide to Online and Offline Methods

By | October 13, 2023
FIR Against Fraud Transactions

In today’s digital age, fraud transactions are an unfortunate reality for many. When faced with such unauthorized activities, it’s essential to take legal steps promptly. One of the primary actions is filing an FIR (First Information Report). This guide will walk you through the process of lodging an FIR against fraud transactions, both online and offline.

1. Understanding the Importance of an FIR:

An FIR is not just a formality; it’s the first step in the legal process against any criminal activity, including fraud transactions. By registering an FIR, you set the stage for the police to initiate their investigation.

2. Offline Method: Traditional FIR Filing: 

The conventional method of Filing an FIR for an online fraud involves a visit to the police station:

– Visit the Police Station: Go to the nearest police station, ideally where the fraud incident occurred or where your bank branch is located. If the fraud was done in any area of the country you need to visit the police station of the place where you lost your ATM Card or wherever you were physically present when the fraud was done.

– Detail the Incident: Provide a comprehensive account of the unauthorized transaction, including date, amount, and other relevant details.

– Get a Copy: Post registration, ensure you obtain a copy of the FIR for future references and any subsequent legal actions.

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Sample FIR Against Fraud Transaction

Your own address

Date: [Date of Filing]


The Officer In-Charge,

[Name of Police Station]

Subject: Reporting a Fraud Transaction

Respected Sir/Madam,

I, [Your Name], holder of bank account number [Your Account Number] at [Your Bank Name], wish to report an unauthorized transaction on [specific date]. An amount of [specific amount] was debited from my account without my knowledge or consent.

Transaction Details:

– Date: [specific date]

– Amount: [specific amount]

– Transaction ID: [if available]

I request you to kindly investigate this matter and take appropriate action against the culprits. I am attaching copies of my bank statement and other relevant documents for your reference. Kindly let me know if any other details are required.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Yours sincerely,

[Your Name]

[Your Address]

[Your Contact Number]

3. Online FIR for Fraud Transaction: 

Many police departments now offer online portals for lodging FIRs:

Access the Portal of your state: Navigate to the appropriate police department’s online portal.

– Choose the Category: Opt for the category related to fraud or financial crimes.

– Fill in the Details: Provide all necessary information about the fraud transaction.

– Submission & Acknowledgment: Post submission, you’ll receive an acknowledgment, often with a unique reference number.

4. After FIR Submission Steps: 

After lodging the FIR:

Monitor Updates: Regularly check for any progress on your case.

Cooperate with the Investigation: Be available for any further details or clarifications.

Seek Legal Counsel: If needed, consider hiring legal counsel for guidance.


While the digital age brings convenience, it also comes with challenges like fraudulent transactions. Knowing how to lodge an FIR, be it offline or online, is the first step in seeking justice and ensuring accountability.