English Grammar Conjunction Exercise-3 & 4

By | November 29, 2019

Conjunctions in English grammar are very necessary to learn English. Edumantra takes complete care of this so we are providing a conjunction list with conjunctions exercises and we are trying to tell you conjunction meaning. Some conjunction sentences will make learning easy. To see these conjunctions examples and be perfect in conjunction grammar by reading these conjunction words-


Direction:  Select the correct conjunctions which can be used to join these sentences. 

1. Shut the door. The dogs will run out

(a) yet                          (b) still                         (c) or                          (d) and

2. The man cannot walk without a stick. He is blind.

(a) because                 (b) therefore                (c) thus                        (d) while

3. Rice needs plenty of water. Wheat does not need as much.

 (a) whereas                (b) and                          (c) nevertheless         (d) for

4. I can come to the party. l am not busy.

 (a) or                          (b) if                            (c) because                 (d) whereas

5. Rashmi made a large number of pizzas. They were not enough,

(a) while                      (b) yet                          (c) and                         (d) also

6. Make haste. You will miss the bus.

(a) if                            (b) but                          (c) Yet                          (d) else

7. He is the boy. He lost his wallet yesterday.

(a) what                       (b) that                        (c) who                       (d) whom

8. Raju came here. He could see his friend again.

 (a) however                (b) while                      (c) so that                  (d) if

9. The boy is coming. He is my friend.

(a) that                        (b) who                        (c) what                        (d) which

10. He worked day and night. He did not succeed.

(a) though                   (b) and                        (c) so that                   (d) but also


1.(c) or

2.(a) because

3.(a) whereas

4.(b) if

5.(b) yet

6.(d) else

7.(c) who

8.(c) so that

9.(b) who

10.(a) though

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 Direction:  Select the correct conjunctions which can be used to join these sentences.

1. I will speak to him: I will meet him.

(a) who                        (b) what                       (c) where                     (d) when

2. They reached the auditorium. The meeting had begun.

(a) before                    (b) since                      (c) after                      (d) until

3. She asked me. I had a raincoat.

(a) whether                 (b) as if                         (c) which                    (d) that

4. I met my ex-teacher. I was walking on my way back from college.

 (a) after                      (b) before                    (c) as                          (d) because

5. She goes. She is loved and respected.

(a) wherever                (b) however                 (c) which                    (d) who


1.(d) when

2.(c) after

3.(a) whether

4.(c) as

5.(a) wherever

Download the above Exercise in PDF (Printable)

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