Diary Entry Format and Examples No.5 & 6

You are Raju/Ranjana of Salwan Public School, New Delhi. You are motivated by the `Clean India Campaign’ of the Prime Minister and participated in it in your own way in your colony. Taking help from the input write a diary entry on the subject.

Hints:  • PM’s `Swachha Bharat Abhiyan’ • motivated millions of young men like me • called a meeting of all young boys and girls • volunteers • started removing dirt • bought new bins • distributed pamphlets • enlightened public • good results • appreciable change in the mindsets • things in the right direction • I feel proud of myself and my companions


New Delhi

12th October, 20XX

Friday, 7:00 pm

Dear Diary,

 It seems that our Prime Minister has felt the real pulse of the nation. His `Swachha Bharat Abhiyan’ or ‘Clean India Campaign’ has inspired and motivated millions of students, young men and women of India. I was highly impressed and motivated and wanted to be a part of the campaign. I started talking to my friends and it didn’t take long to convince them. So we had a volunteer army of fifty dedicated young boys and girls. First of all, we started removing garbage and dirt from those corners in the area which had not been touched for months. We bought a few bins for garbage from the money we collected from the residents. In the beginning, the residents were not amused but gradually their indifference disappeared. We launched a public awakening campaign. We prepared posters and distributed pamphlets urging the residents to make ‘Clean India Campaign’ a real success. Gradually our labour started showing positive results. There was an appreciable change in the mindset of the residents. Even housewives came out openly in our support. I felt proud of myself and the dedicated band of volunteers who helped me in this campaign. Such things arouse patriotic feelings and sense of unity among the people.


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You are Raghu/Ragini of Swan Public School, Karnal. You were a witness of a ghastly fire in the market. The firemen showed exceptional bravery and saved the life of a woman who was trapped inside a room on the first floor. Taking help from the input, make a diary entry narrating the whole ghastly incident and the bravery of the firemen.

Hints:  • Mandi area • highly crowded and congested • narrow lanes • godowns of inflammable articles • a devastating fire • short circuit • fire brigade reached within minutes • firemen showed exceptional heroism • a lady trapped inside a room on the first floor • two firemen jumped into flames • saved the woman• real heroes • huge loss • heroism of firemen saved a precious life. I still remember their selfless sacrifice and heroism


Karnal Mandi

 10th June, 20XX

 Thursday, 8:00 pm

Dear Diary,

 Kamal Mandi is the nerve-centre of the city. But it is a highly crowded and congested place. It is a commercial place with narrow lanes. There are many godowns and warehouses which store some highly inflammable articles. When I was standing in a shop, I could see a huge cloud of smoke rising from the other end of the market. Soon there was a lot of commotion and people ran towards the site with buckets of water and sand in their hands. I could see flames rising higher in the sky. The wind aggravated the situation. The fire brigade was on the scene within a few minutes. And at once the dedicated firemen were on their toes to do their job. A woman was trapped in the flames on the first floor of a building. Two brave firemen mounted on a ladder and jumped into the flames. We were amazed at their bravery. Soon they came out with the woman and received loud cheers from the crowds below. The loss of property was in crores but a precious life was saved. The exceptional bravery and heroism of the firemen have made an indelible impression on my mind forever.


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