Class-5 Creative Paragraph Writing Ideas, Topics and Examples

By | September 13, 2018

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1. Write a Short Paragraph on “A Scene at a Bus Stand”

Ans:                                                             A Scene at a Bus Stand

 Last Monday, I went to the local bus stand to see off my uncle. The bus stand was humming with life. It presented a cross-section of Indian society. There were separate parking stands for different routes. There was a bus parked at each stand. Men behind the counters were issuing tickets. The conductors were shouting to attract passengers for their respective buses. Every passenger seemed to be in a great hurry. As soon as a bus was full, the conductor blew his whistle. The bus moved out of the stand. Another one immediately took its place. This activity was going on endlessly.

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2. Write a short Paragraph on “A Scene inside an Examination Hall”

Ans:                                                    A Scene inside an Examination Hall

 The scene inside an Examination Hall is usually very calm and quiet. But it is only an outward calm. Behind this calm, there is no peace. Each heart is restless. There is anxiety on every face. Good students are anxious to finish their paper on time. The average ones are anxious to attempt as many q they of students. They are anxious to copy from whatever source they can. It is the activities of these students that make the scene inside an examination hall quite interesting. Sometimes they are caught using unfair means. Their cases are then reported to the Education Board.

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3. Write a short Paragraph on “A House on Fire”

Ans:                                                              A House on Fire

It was Sunday. I was sitting in my room with my friend. Suddenly we saw clouds of smoke rising in the sky. There was a big fire. People were running to the site of a fire. Children were shouting for help. People brought buckets of water. We also joined them. We threw sand and water on the flames. The fire was put out after half an hour. It was the house of a carpenter. All his wood, grain and money were gone. The house was reduced to ashes. The poor man was very sad at his loss. People gave him food, clothes and some money. The poor carpenter thanked them with folded hands.

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4. Write a short Paragraph on “A Bus Accident”

Ans:                                                               A Bus Accident

Last Monday, I was travelling from Panipat to Delhi by bus. We had hardly gone twenty kilometres when a dreadful accident took place. All of a sudden a scooterist, coming from a side-road, came in front of the bus. The driver at once applied the brakes, and also turned the bus to one side. In no time the bus went off the road and fell into a ditch. There were loud cries. Many passengers were badly wounded. I, too, got a deep cut on my forehead. Many people gathered there. They helped us to get out of the bus. Luckily there was no death. The scooterist had sped away. I reached home with a bandaged head.

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5. Write a short Paragraph on “A Road Accident”

Ans:                                                        A Road Accident

Last evening I was going on the railway road. I saw a bus coming from the opposite side. Suddenly a child ran across the road. The driver tried to save him. He turned the bus to one side. The child was saved but the bus went off the road. It ran against a tree and overturned. It was a dreadful accident. Many passengers got serious injuries. The ladies and children cried in pain. The driver was badly wounded. A police party came there. The wounded persons were taken to a hospital. This accident makes one thing very clear. Parents should keep their children away from busy roads.

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6. Write a short Paragraph on “A Street Quarrel”

Ans:                                                            A Street Quarrel

 Last evening, I was sitting near the window of my room. I saw two children playing in the street. Suddenly they fell out. Other boys of the street gathered there. None tried to separate them. Soon, the mothers of both the children reached there. They started abusing each other. They used very dirty words. From hot words, they came to blows. They pulled each other’s hair. Luckily an elderly woman came there. She separated the fighting ladies. She spoke to them very wisely. The two women realised their mistake. They went back to their homes. Both the children started playing together once again.

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