A Scene at the Railway Station Essay

By | November 8, 2022
A Scene at the Railway Station Essay

A Scene at the Railway Station Essay -The passage describes details on how the author imagines the scene and supplies his own thoughts on them.

A Scene at the Railway Station Essay

A scene at the railway station is usually lively and exciting. it can be melancholy and reflective. In either case, it is a unique and memorable experience. Women are bustling about, carrying bags and children in their arms, while men stride purposefully towards the platforms with purpose. The sound of the engines echoing through the stations creates an eerie atmosphere, punctuated by the laughter of children playing nearby. A crowd of people gathers around the ticket barriers, eager to buy their tickets and board their trains. After a long journey, the passengers finally arrive at their destination.

As they step out of the train and into the bright sunlight, they are immediately struck by the sights and smells of the railway station. The hustle and bustle of people bustling about fills them with a sense of excitement; this is where their adventure begins. It is many times a railway station where we meet new friends, make new ones, and encounter challenges that test us to our limits. The Railway Station is an essential part of anybody’s life.

Write a Paragraph in about 100-150 words on the following topic:-

Ans:                                                     A SCENE AT A RAILWAY STATION

A railway station is a busy place. It presents a scene of hustle a bustle. A big station is always crowded. There are people from all states and religions. Coolies in red shirts and railway officials in their uniforms can be seen walking to and fro busily. The passengers wait for the arrival of trains. Some people go there to board trains for different places. Others come from various places and get down on the platform. Many people go there to receive their friends and guests. A number of people are there to see off their friends or relatives. Apart from passengers, their arc hawkers also. The noise on the platform increases when the train conics. People rush for taking seats. Hawkers start crying for selling their goods. Some passengers get down and shout for the cookies. All that noise and excitement come to an end when the train departs.

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