Complaint Letter Mobile Phone

By | July 27, 2023
Complaint Letter Mobile Phone

Complaint Letter Mobile Phone regarding phone which was poorly produced and stopped working within a week of purchase. Here we are also presenting MCQ of Complaint Letter Class 10. 

You are Ram Mehar of 32-Bean Pura, Karol Bagh, Delhi. Last week, you bought a mobile phone from ‘The Mobile Junction’, 20L, Nehru Place, New Delhi. The mobile phone developed a problem within a few days of its purchase. Write a complaint letter to the dealer giving details of the nature of the problem and asking him/her to rectify the defect or replace the phone.


32, BeedanPura

Karol Bagh , New Delhi

26 March 20XX

20L, Nehru Place

New Delhi

Sub: Defective Mobile Phone


I am a resident of Bean Pura, Karol Bagh, New Delhi. I purchased a Samsung 2G mobile phone from The Mobile Junction on 19th March, 20XX, vide cash memo No. 190319/18.1 am sorry to say that the mobile phone developed a problem within a few days of its purchase. The sound system is quite irritating and jarring. The camera doesn’t give a clear and deep impression. I feel cheated to have such a defective mobile phone after spending more than fifteen thousand rupees. It is quite unfortunate that even after sending two reminders, you have shown no urgency to rectify the defects or replace the defective mobile set at the earliest. I hope you will do the needful within a week. I am sure you will not compel me to knock the doors of the Consumer Court for this unpleasant lapse of time on your part.

Yours sincerely

Ram Mehar

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You had bought a mobile phone from a reputable showroom in Mumbai but after a month it developed a serious fault. Write a complaint letter to the manager asking for immediate repair or replacement of the same. You are Sadiq/Razia, 123, TT Nagar Bhopal.                          

Ans. 123, T.T. Nagar


 26, January 20XX

The Manager

Shiv Ram & Sons Mumbai

Subject: Complaint about a defective mobile phone

 Dear Sir

 On 1 January 20XX, I bought an LG Nexus 5 from your showroom. I am disappointed as it stopped working after 5 days of purchase. I would like the problem to be resolved between us. However, if we are unable to resolve the matter I will move the consumer court.

 Looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely


Download the above Letter in PDF (Printable)

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